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Accessing child nodes of xml by name in Groovy while accessing parent node iteratively
by Denmark in Programming Languages

I have an XML like this:


best practice for accessing data in a database while abstracting the accessing
by mii in Programming Languages

I am attempting to learn the best practices for the following scenario.

I have a defined set of data objects that are subject to change with updates. And some of these objects have arrays of other objects within them.

Using sqlite I have the database set up with the following pattern: Each object is its on table. And if an object has a child object within it

Accessing Dictionaries VS Accessing Shelves
by Anton Tupy in Programming Languages

Currently, I have a dictionary that has a number as the key and a Class as a value. I can access the attributes of that Class like so:


Due to memory issues, I want to use the shelve module. I am wondering if doing so is plausible. Does a shelve dictionary act the exact same as a standard di

How to prevent the other threads from accessing a method when one thread is accessing a method?
by lockdown571 in Programming Languages

I want to search for a string in 10 files and write the matching lines to a single file. I wrote the matching lines from each file to 10 output files(o/p file1,o/p file2...) and then copied those to a single file using 10 threads.

But the output single file has mixed output(one line from o/p file1,another line from o/p file 2 etc...) because its accessed simultaneously by many threa

In javascript, is accessing 'window.Math' slower or faster than accessing the 'Math' object without the 'window.'?
by Ansari in Javascript

I'm kind of curious about what the best practice is when referencing the 'global' namespace in javascript, which is merely a shortcut to the window object (or vice versia depending on how you look at it).

I want to know if:

var answer = Math.floor(value);

is better or worse than:

var answer = window.Math.floor(value);
Accessing outside the memory allocated by the program. (Accessing other app's memory)
by Griff in Web Design

Is there a way to access (read or free) memory chunks that are outside the memory that is allocated for the program without getting access violation exceptions.
Well what I actually would like to understand apart from this, is how a memory cleaner (system garbage collector) works. I've always wanted to write such a program. (The language isn't an issue)

Thanks in advance :)

Accessing <li> tag, ASP.Net
by dfrolov in Programming Languages

I'm trying to access a <li> tag in my first master page file. I tried FindControl(..) but it allways returns null.


First Master Page (which contains <li id="element" runat="server">
Second Master Page
Default.aspx (need to access here)

What do I need to do to access the li element?

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accessing BIO via FQL
by findcontrol in Development Tools & Services

When I examine a particular user (friend) via the Graph API, I can see their bio. How do I access the BIO with FQL?

I seem to be able to access the few items that the Graph API does return with FQL, but not this one.

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Accessing SVN from LAN
by frogger9 in Databases

I am running a subversion service on my localhost, I want users on the LAN to be able to access this repository without being prompted for username and password. Is there any way to do this.

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Accessing COM in SQL CLR
by Caveman in Programming Languages

Hope you all having a good day!

I need your recommendations for something I've been thinking about these last three days. I have a COM component written in an unmanaged platform. The component has a method that returns a sort of some sensitive data and I need to store the value as soon as I get it.

What I need is to call a UDF to access the COM object and get the value.

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