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Does My Linked Bank Account Have to Also Be a Business Account With a PayPal Business Account?
by davidg in Business
Although it is free to set up a PayPal business account, as a business owner, you need a bank account before you start collecting customer payments through PayPal. It is permissible for you to use an existing bank account to open your PayPal business account. However, there are guidelines around actions you can take regarding the type of bank accounts you link your PayPal account to. Opening a

In browser of Toshiba Thrive tab, how to add(sync) another google account or remove existing account
by Dré in Programming Languages

In my office, I have Toshiba Thrive tab. In that when I tired to download a app from play store, it giving the error "You haven't accessed the Google Play Store app(the white shopping bag app icon) on your device with this email account.". And I think, the problem is, on that device already another person in my company has synced his account using browser settings - general - sync. And now I'm

Creating files go to which account using Google Drive APIs when authenticating with a service account?
by Switzerland in Programming Languages

I'm trying to make use of the Google Drive APIs to send a log file created by our application to our company's Google Drive Account that we share for Android Development. Most of the examples showed how to use oAuth2 to authenticate with the end-user's Google Drive Account, but we want the files to be sent to just our Google Drive Account.

After some searching I found that I shou

ContentResolver.setSyncAutomatically (Account account, String authority, boolean sync) what does its second parameter mean?
by unfool in Programming Languages

I am trying to add events in calendar programmaticaly, events appear in the calendar application of android phone immediately but in google calendar they appear after some time, I want them to immediately appear in google calendar too.

I searched on net, and found a post which mentioned that "ContentResolver.setSyncAutomatically(Account account, String authority, boolean sync) funct

Are the Routing Numbers the Same on a Money Market Account As on a Regular Checking Account?
by Franklin Henderson in Personal Finance
When it comes to your bank accounts, it is important to know both the routing number and the account number. The routing number is unique to your bank or financial institution, and it identifies that institution to other banks. The account number is unique to your specific checking, savings or money market account, allowing the money to find its way in or out of the account properly. Bank Ident

How to get image from facebook album using fb android sdk from a default account not the user's own account?
by B3CFT in Android

My intention is that the app will use its own account to access FB, ie NOT the phone user's account and then download image from that default account's album to mobile.

And also user will not see any authentication or login dialogue. When user press a button an image will be downloaded from facebook album and stored in the user's mobile's sd card.

Does this possivle and

Can Any Debtor Garnish the Bank Account of a Joint Account When One Gets Social Security?
by Kapishin in Personal Finance
A debtor can garnish a bank account if he has authority from the court allowing the garnishment. Until recently, garnishment took place even when the bank account included Social Security funds, even though benefits are considered safe from garnishment in most cases. A joint account is not exempt from garnishment because the account is owned entirely by both people listed on the account. Special r

Problem Getting mutual friends of logged in facebook account and other account FBML
by Pedro Varela in Development Tools & Services

Well at the current moment I'm attempting to get the mutual friends between two users, and then pick a random one of those. It then gets the name of the random mutual friend, but it's not working for some reason.

here's what I have (where $lg_userid is the logged in users id, and $target_id is the friend, I then get the mutual friends between them and pick a random one)

How to get a field from account object to be loaded in VF page on selection of account in salesforce
by Icyflash in Programming Languages

In my VF page i have option of selecting an account, i need to auto populate a label in VisualForce page with a custom field from the selected account.

How can this be done?


If product is selected on account can CRM automatically input account into marketing list?
by protagonist in Web Design

I would like to know if there was a way that when a certain product is selected on a CRM account if it could automatically input that account into a marketing list? What steps would I need to take in order to implement this process? I appreciate all the help.
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