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how can i achieve this in c#
by cbrunny in C & C++ & C#

i'm developing a windows form application.in the form, the left part is a tree menu, and the right part is show area. how can i change the show area according to what i click on the tree menu.

i use treenode class to implement treemenu like this:

System.Windows.Forms.TreeNode treeNode27 = new System.Windows.Forms.TreeNode("basic operation");
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How to Achieve an MBA
by slpnshot in Education
Achieving a Master of Business Administration, more commonly known as an MBA, is arguably one of the most difficult challenges of higher education. From the enrollment process to successfully completing your degree, there are a series of steps which will require your absolute commitment, as well as demonstrating your experience and abilities.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Search for credibl
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How to achieve this? :
by Sergio Rudenko in Programming Languages

Simplified: Because the way the problem was presented before was misleading. My mistake. Also not to make peoples' time a complete waste :) :::


#ifndef Y_H
#define Y_H
#include <iostream>
class X;
class Y
friend class X;
void Print()
std::cout << "Y::
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Is it possible to achieve following look with css?
by skh in Web Design

I am trying to play around with borders in css, but can't figure out how to achieve following "boxy" look

Is it possible? If so how can this be achieved (don't use dark background as it is there to add contrast)

How to Achieve a PhD
by yhelothar in Education
A PhD is the highest degree you can obtain in most areas of academia. Obtaining a PhD is an extremely challenging task that requires hard work and dedication to your field of study. The PhD is a research degree that indicates that you have obtained the highest level of education in your field and are an expert in that field. Because of the hard work and sacrifice often required to obtain a PhD, yo
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How to achieve encapsulation in J?
by TheMoo in Programming Languages

I'm not an expert on scope in J, so please correct me if I make a mistake. (That, in fact, is part of the reason for this question.)

What I want to do is create a name that is visible within (but not without) a locale. Note that assigning with =. does not achieve this.

I think this is impossible, but I'd love confirmation from a J expert.

After s

how to achieve functionality of #def of c in PHP
by mikieb in PHP

Well, I don't know if thats what I want. But here is my problem:

In case of some error I am logging the FILE, CLASS, FUNCTION and LINE in a file. For that I am doing something like:

myLog('['. __FILE__ . ']' . '[' . __CLASS__ . ']' . '[' . __FUNCTION__ . ']' . '[' . __LINE__ . ']');

The problem is everywhere I've to repeat that code in the parame

How to achieve following graphics via css
by General Mills in Web Design

I've set my self a challenge to develop a website without using a single image. I'll mainly use icon fonts, but for this particle graphic, I thought I can use a div or other element and than style it via css e.g. give borders or something... but I discovered that it wasn't as easy as I thought and I can't achieve it.

Here is what I need to get as a final result:

How to achieve equivalent using TPL/TAP?
by sdifox in Programming Languages

Below I have a fairly simple .NET console app consuming an Azure Service Bus Queue.

As you'll see, I am using Task.Factory to fire up 25 receiver tasks that then call my APM-style BeginMessageReceive method. Then, at the end of EndMessageReceive, I call BeginMessageReceive again to keep the loop going.

My question is how could I achieve the same sort of thing but switchi

How to Achieve Self-Healing
by Brian Drum in Health
Many people turn to alternative forms of healing when faced with disease or pain. Self-healing refers to the body's natural ability to heal itself through the orchestration of the immune system and energy pathways in the body. There are many ways to achieve self-healing including meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong, and breath work. Everyone's path to healing is different, but a few steps can be taken to g


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