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Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions - error while working with ASP.NET MVC 2 and Razor
by General Mills in ASP & ASP.net

In _Layout.cshtml file I have following entry:

@Html.Action("LoadPagesStructure", "Page")

Inside PageController class, LoadPagesStructure methos looks following:

[ChildActionOnly] /* this attribute indicates that an action should not
be invoked as a result of a user request (by url) */
public ActionResult LoadPag

Create custom actions in Django admin site (not list actions)
by dluu2 in Web Design

I'm new to django and I'm trying to figure out how to create custom actions inside admin site.
Let's say I want to create some sort of custom form with fancy ajax based ui.
What I would normally do in .NET/PHP/Ruby is prepare some js code and a service that will be called via ajax and return json or even html.
A more concrete example could be an auto complete box to manage a man

Android - Spinner : how may I distinguish user's actions from computer's actions in a OnItemSelectedListener
by BooTeK in Programming Languages

I'm in a trouble managing a spinner, so may I ask for your help ?

I have a spinner with its adapter.
I initialize the spinner with a list of values when starting my activity.
Then I force the selected value to be the one used in the object that I manage.

Once the screen is initialized :
When the user selects a value in the spinner, according to the selecte

MVC 3 Error - Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions
by Alex Sadzawka in Programming Languages

I have this error:

Error executing child request for handler 'System.Web.Mvc.HttpHandlerUtil+ServerExecuteHttpHandlerAsyncWrapper'.

The inner exception is:

Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions.

Any idea why this happening?

Incidentally, the error is happening on this line:


Inserting Controller Actions between Actions in Rails - Best Practices
by andystacy in Development Tools & Services

What are best-practices (or usual-practices) when it comes to adding more steps in a process in Rails?

For example, I am working with the Spree e-commerce Rails platform and I would like to add a multi-step form people should fill out when trying to "Add to Cart" a Product.

The current spree implementation of adding a product to the cart is basically:


Custom actions in rails controller with restful actions?
by MadViking in Web Design

I'm having some trouble with using creating my own actions inside a controller I generated using the scaffold.

I understand everything maps to the restful actions but I'm building a user controller where users can login/logout, etc but when I created the action and declared it in the routes.rb I get this error when I visit users/login

Couldn't find User with id=login<

More actions in Zend Rest Controller apart from the default actions
by vxnick in Programming Languages

I know that REST API can be implemented using Zend_Rest_Controller and it has 5 abstract methods indexAction, getAction, postAction,putAction,deleteAction to perform return, create, update , etc...

My question is, can I have more API fictions with in a controller apart from these default functions to perform various type of operations?.


indexAction - re

ASP.NET MVC Actions that return different views, or just make a ton of Actions?
by Jimmy G. in Programming Languages

So, I am in a situation, where I need to display a different view based on the "Role" that the authenticated user has.

I'm wondering which approach is best here:

public ActionResult AdminList(int? divID, int? subDivID)
var data = GetListItems(divID.Value, subDivID.Value);
return View(data);

How to invoke Actions from other Actions? (if that's wise at all)
by Elcs in Programming Languages

I am about to refactor a Swing application from using ActionListeners to Action classes because I realized that a lot of my menu items are going to be used in a toolbar as well.

Right now I have a class called ImportExport which deals with the state of the underlying model and then displays the appropriate user dialogs. ImportExport has the functions

Cocos2Dx help: How to independently run actions (translate,rotate) on children sprites of parent's actions (rotate, scale, translate) when needed?
by Monev in Web Design

Short: Is there a counterpard of ccHonorParentTransform in cocos2dx? I take it that it has been removed from cocos2d-iphone API since v1.0, what is the replacement for drawing child sprites (say health-bars) of a character.

Please suggest or point to right direction.

Problem Description:

I have been working on a space based RTS game. So there are operations


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