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Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions - error while working with ASP.NET MVC 2 and Razor
Category : ASP & ASP.net

In _Layout.cshtml file I have following entry:

@Html.Action("LoadPagesStructure", "Page")

Inside PageController class, LoadPagesStructure methos looks following:

[ChildActionOnly] /* this attribute indicates that an action should not
be invoked as a result of a user request (by url) */
public ActionResult LoadPag

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Create custom actions in Django admin site (not list actions)
Category : Web Design

I'm new to django and I'm trying to figure out how to create custom actions inside admin site.
Let's say I want to create some sort of custom form with fancy ajax based ui.
What I would normally do in .NET/PHP/Ruby is prepare some js code and a service that will be called via ajax and return json or even html.
A more concrete example could be an auto complete box to manage a man

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Android - Spinner : how may I distinguish user's actions from computer's actions in a OnItemSelectedListener
Category : Programming Languages

I'm in a trouble managing a spinner, so may I ask for your help ?

I have a spinner with its adapter.
I initialize the spinner with a list of values when starting my activity.
Then I force the selected value to be the one used in the object that I manage.

Once the screen is initialized :
When the user selects a value in the spinner, according to the selecte

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MVC 3 Error - Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions
Category : Programming Languages

I have this error:

Error executing child request for handler 'System.Web.Mvc.HttpHandlerUtil+ServerExecuteHttpHandlerAsyncWrapper'.

The inner exception is:

Child actions are not allowed to perform redirect actions.

Any idea why this happening?

Incidentally, the error is happening on this line:


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Custom actions in rails controller with restful actions?
Category : Web Design

I'm having some trouble with using creating my own actions inside a controller I generated using the scaffold.

I understand everything maps to the restful actions but I'm building a user controller where users can login/logout, etc but when I created the action and declared it in the routes.rb I get this error when I visit users/login

Couldn't find User with id=login<

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More actions in Zend Rest Controller apart from the default actions
Category : Programming Languages

I know that REST API can be implemented using Zend_Rest_Controller and it has 5 abstract methods indexAction, getAction, postAction,putAction,deleteAction to perform return, create, update , etc...

My question is, can I have more API fictions with in a controller apart from these default functions to perform various type of operations?.


indexAction - re

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Inserting Controller Actions between Actions in Rails - Best Practices
Category : Development Tools & Services

What are best-practices (or usual-practices) when it comes to adding more steps in a process in Rails?

For example, I am working with the Spree e-commerce Rails platform and I would like to add a multi-step form people should fill out when trying to "Add to Cart" a Product.

The current spree implementation of adding a product to the cart is basically:


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ASP.NET MVC Actions that return different views, or just make a ton of Actions?
Category : Programming Languages

So, I am in a situation, where I need to display a different view based on the "Role" that the authenticated user has.

I'm wondering which approach is best here:

public ActionResult AdminList(int? divID, int? subDivID)
var data = GetListItems(divID.Value, subDivID.Value);
return View(data);

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How to invoke Actions from other Actions? (if that's wise at all)
Category : Programming Languages

I am about to refactor a Swing application from using ActionListeners to Action classes because I realized that a lot of my menu items are going to be used in a toolbar as well.

Right now I have a class called ImportExport which deals with the state of the underlying model and then displays the appropriate user dialogs. ImportExport has the functions

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Cocos2Dx help: How to independently run actions (translate,rotate) on children sprites of parent's actions (rotate, scale, translate) when needed?
Category : Web Design

Short: Is there a counterpard of ccHonorParentTransform in cocos2dx? I take it that it has been removed from cocos2d-iphone API since v1.0, what is the replacement for drawing child sprites (say health-bars) of a character.

Please suggest or point to right direction.

Problem Description:

I have been working on a space based RTS game. So there are operations

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