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Draggin Dropping of AVM1(ActionScript 1/2) dont work in AVM2(ActionScript 3/Flex)
by AnthonyC in Web Design

I have a application developed in ActionScript 2 which has dragging/dropping activity. which works fine. I used following to test dropping

dropObject.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true) //if true, drop currently dragging object

Problem occurs when I put this SWF in my Flex application SWFLoader container. dragging dosen't work at all in this case.

Actionscript: Flexunit: unit testing existing actionscript project
by GalaxiaGuy in Programming Languages

I was reading this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/366088/flexunit-with-pure-actionscript-project-in-flex-builder-3/3472839#3472839

I am trying to do option 2 in his question. I have an existing actionscript project. I created a flex project with flexunit 4 setup and it runs. I set the flex project to have an external source library which is the actionscript project. The IDE and

Converting basic ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 for rollover animations
by erlang in Web Design

So, what I am trying to do ought to be simple. It's simply a rollover animation that reverses when the user rolls the mouse off. Thing is, it's in AS2 but and I think that to finish the project I'm going to need it in AS3. Can anyone give some advice on converting this...

this.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(rewind == true){

Actionscript 3 loading Chinese symbols into TextField using Actionscript
by acheron in Coding

I am having trouble loading Chinese Symbols into a TextField from another TextField.

I have a dynamic drop down box that loads its text from a string within the actionscript code, however the actionscript code cannot contain chinese symbols.

I thought the easiest way around this problem would be to load the text from another TextField, however it seems to appear blank, f

actionscript - testing actionscript via command line
by Josh Freed in Programming Languages

I would like to know if is there any easy way to test actionscript by using some kind of application like ruby's irb or javasctip spidermonkey where you can just open up your terminal and type the code straight away.
This would be a good time saver when speaking of actionscript, since to test some syntaxes, classes, etc. you would need to compile it via fsch.

but still not a go

ActionScript 2 - ActionScript 3: common subset?
by ferpaz in Programming Languages

I'd like to automatically generate ActionScript classes for a flash client side of one of my projects. (These projects have a formal way of describing my models that is already used to generate SQL and a admin interface).

Now, the ActionScript should/could be compatible with ActionScript 2 and 3. Is there a description of a maximal common subset of features available somewhere?

I need help converting the following code from Actionscript 2.0 into Actionscript 3.0
by Raghu in Programming Languages

This is the code for a dynamic button scrollbar, but I need help making the conversion from AS2 to AS3.

onClipEvent(load) {
scrollMovieClipW = this._width - Stage.width;
leftScrollMargin = 175;
rightScrollMargin = 275;
verticalScrollMargin = 250;
//Note: The lower acceleration value the faster the scroll will be.
acceleration = 3;
Convert ActionScript 2.0 code to ActionScript 3.0
by reflexiv in Web Design

I currently follow a flash tutorial online to create an interactive sketchpad. The link to tutorial is http://flashexplained.com/actionscript/making-an-interactive-drawing-sketchpad/.

The only problem with this tutorial is that the code is for actionscript 2.0 instead of 3.0. I know how to redefine the variables but besides that I am clueless, so I was hoping that someone can hel

Javascript + ActionScript: How to convert bytearray returned from Actionscript to image in Javascript
by skimple in Javascript

I have bytearray returned from ActionScript to Javascript through ExternalInterface call. Now, i have to convert this byteaarray to image in Javascript code. pls help...with any sample code...

Thanks in advance...

ActionScript 3 and SSH
by CakeMonster in Web Design

Is there a library for SSH in ActionScript 3? If not, I'd appreciate some ideas on how to have Flash integrate with SSH.

I have a Flash prototype programmed out, and my client wants to see some minimal integration with an SSH server. What is needed is basically:

send a few basic commands

I can't just have these commands be sent out bli

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