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How do I programmatically determine if active x has been disabled, if an active x control has been installed, and if an active x control has been inst
by LinAdmin in Programming Languages

I'm using ASP.NET on the server side and javascript on the client side.

I'm trying to develop some pages that will help the user troubleshoot and I was wondering if there was a way to programmatically determine the following:
1) if active x has been disabled in Internet Explorer
2) if an active x control has been installed
3) if an active x control has been installed

Active Directory PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials when change password on next login policy is active
by lockdown571 in Programming Languages

I am using the classes in System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace to interact with Active Directory from my web application. To authenticate user credentials against Active Directory I use the following line of code.

bool authSucceeded=principalContext.ValidateCredentials(userName, password);

where principalContext is the PrincipalContext instan

CSS/js cascading Verticle Menu accordion: trying to make my active page show as active
by Pedro Varela in Web Design

given up tearing my hair out, can anyone help?
I'm trying to get the active page to apply a separate style, in the example same as when you click on test1 ie have the dark background hen on the homepage or about us.


the main pages don't go anywhere ie test1 but the page test1-1 and test2-1 do as examples

How can I use Quartz scheduler clustering across two data centers to achieve active/active hosting?
by LukeG in Web Design

We currently have a Quartz jdbc-jobstore cluster using Mysql. To accomplish our active/active hosting strategy we plan to have a second cluster and database in a different data center. The front end traffic which generates the quartz jobs will be load balanced between the datacenters. Is it possible to use data replication between the two data centers so the Quartz job processing is active/acti

how to remove an id tag named “active” when not-active id tags are hovered?
by Tridnewly in Web Design

I have these article tags and one of them is active onload. I want so that when someone hovers over the not-active ones the active id tag be removed (doing so will remove the background within the tag - which is what i want). I tried the bellow JS to remove the active "id" attribute on hover but it doesn't seem work... :P

<div class="data">
<article class="hover tes

Controllling Drupal's active/active-trail with duplicate menu items
by Pug in Web Design

I'm developing a site that requires some duplication of links within the menu:

Section A
-- Introduction
-- Testimonials

Section B
-- Introduction
-- Testimonials

-- Section A
-- Section B

So 'Section A > Testimonials' and 'Testimonials > Section A' point to the same node. But r

Active-Active high availability design for Windows messaging service?
by SpunkyJones in Operating Systems

I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to design a active-active cluster that uses a replicated database. For network load balancing and failover, I can use Windows NLB. For database, I can use MySQL which can do master-master replication out of the box. This is the simple part.

Now my problem is how to program the messaging service, which is connected to a replicated database

Creating/setting an active default link when page loads but removing active when others are clicked
by Morbo in Web Design

As I typed this question I noticed similar question but my approach is different. I did read them but not what I am trying to do, however I did get some ideas.

I have three links (anchor tags) on my page, I am using JQuery to toggle a class between the links based on the link the user clicks. The link becomes active when clicked and I added Cookies to remember the user action.

Complete LDAP query to extract active Users and Service Accounts from Microsoft Active Directory
by Tristan in Coding

I sill fail to see the light in LDAP ;) ...

Here is the use case: I am trying to setup Jira to sync LDAP directory for login but because the directory is huge I do need to be very sensitive on how do I make the query, in order to eliminate the garbage.

I need both Users and Service Accounts.

HEre are the requirements (you are free to suggest mor

How to call action method of active record from active resource?
by Naveen in Databases

I have a web service and for that I made two applications called backend and frontend. Frontend is an active resource client and I want it to call custom action method of backend's controller from custom action method of frontend's controller. I am new in ROR.

frontend controller:

class ProductsController < ApplicationController
def my_method
# call


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