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BizTalk Business Activty Monitor
by James Clarke in Web Design

I recently started with the BAM from BizTalk.

I created a simple orchestration.
I configured the BAM for BizTalk ofcourse.
I used excel to create a simple schema with only textfields.
I deployed this xml schema to the BizTalk primary import using: bm deploy-all -DefinitionFile:myxml.xml.
Opened the TPE and opened the deployed schema.
Opened the orchestration an

How to go to an activty at a specific time using Broadcast receiver?
by Theo in Programming Languages

When I set a time,how to start an activity or do some actions like button click actions(not toast) at that specific time using broadcast receiver??

Launch an activty from the browser by clicking a webpage link
by wpoch in Programming Languages

I need to make an android App that when the user navigates to my webpage with the browser and clicks on a specific link my App activity gets launched.

I try to achieve this using Intent filters but without success. I followed some samples like Notepad and PhotoStream but nothing works for me.

how to directly pass value of a variable from 1st activty to 3rd activity using putextra?
by Meg in Programming Languages

how to directly pass value of a variable from 1st activity to 3rd activity using putextra?

For example:

I have a variable A in the first screen (first activity) if I hit the button it will show the 2nd screen. The 2nd screen(2nd activity) has a button. If I click the button it will open the 3rd screen(3rd activity) and it will show the variable A in the textview of 3rd s

android activty start from service always show even re launching the app. need to start first activity when app is relaunch
by highland145 in Programming Languages

I have an activity A. now i start a service using

startService(new Intent(A.this,Service.class));

now after some times (since it is performing some task in background , you can move anywhere in phone , so lets stay at phone home screen) service stops and start an another activity B (now B is on Top) which show result. Current i am on screen B. my problem is

Android Window Flags: Are flags set in an activty persistent throughout the entire app itself?
by rjbsmith in Programming Languages

Here's a small code in one of my activities.

Window window = this.getWindow();
window.setFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN, WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN);

I have already set the manifest to allow permission to use the WAKE_LOCK. Now, the thing I'm not sure about is the f

Android Service and Activity change a value in service from an Activty
by New Jersey in Programming Languages

So i need to change an a value of a double in a Service while its running from an activity. How can i do this?
Any help is much appreciated.


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