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Obfuscated class names aren't added to the stylesheet when added to Cells
by besn in Web Design

The obfuscated class name(GPGOA3-B) is indeed being added to the cell, but the class itself isn't being added to any stylesheet.

What am I doing wrong?

public final class HyperlinkCell extends AbstractCell<HyperlinkCellData> {
private interface MyCss extends CssResource {
String red();

dynamically added images not getting added on page when toggel function in Jquery is used
by David Bjornn in Web Design

Below is code to add images in Javascript.

function AddFirstRow() {
//Create an input type dynamically.
var element ;
var seatArr = document.getElementById("seatArr");
//Assign different attributes to the element.
var rowCounter ;
for( rowCounter = 1 ; rowCounter < 8 ; rowCounter++ ){
element = document.create

how can view added property(added in xml file) graphically in model editor:
by sql-server in Programming Languages

as we know uml diagram represented in xml format so i create class diagram using Papyrus with one class and this class with two property and one operation and then i try to edit xml file in text editor of Papyrus to add another property manually as xml format
but when i display the class in model editor nothing added ?
why the property not added to class?

Programmatically added subview doesn't interact with other views, but xib-added view worked fine
by AFurryReptile in Operating Systems

harlanhaskins wrote:

I have a view called userSlider programmaticaly added in viewDidLoad:

self.userSlider = [[UserSliderView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, -120, 320, 155)];
[self.userSlider setUser:user];
[self.userSlider configureView];
[self.view addSubview:self.userSlider];

And a tableview called gameTableVi

I've added a comment in mysql tables, but still not added to my Drupal forum
by igv in Databases

I'm using a forum with several topics and node comments module to add comment nodes to the topics.

I'm importing an external database and adding the relationships directly in mysql to the node_comments table.

However before to see the comments of a quesition I need to add a random comment in drupal to this question. Which is probably triggering a function and getting new

How do i make the text that is added to the textBox to be added only once and not all the time since is in a loop?
by Florian Derudder in Programming Languages

This is the code:

private void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
BackgroundWorker worker = sender as BackgroundWorker;
List<string> tempNamesAndTexts = new List<string>();
string tempDownload = downloadContent();

Added buttons, webview, added outlets, but can't play with them in the code
by dlouzan in Mobile Programming

I made a toolbar with two buttons on it. I then created two outlets in my class controller. Then I hooked the the controller to the buttons and selected the outlets.

Finally I rewritten the class files (that added:

IBOutlet id next;
IBOutlet id previous;

to my .h file).

So now, everything looks okay. But then I try somewhere in th

Java Collections: Is Object Added Directly Added To Collection?
by Fenix Drakken in Programming Languages

I know that when I add an object to some collections such as a LinkedList, the element is not added directly to the collection; in actuality a node is added to the collection which provides the linking functionality, and this node has a reference to the Object that I add to the collection. Is this true for all Java collection classes? For example when I do the following:


Dynamically added validator does not validate (Does not even get added to the source)
by S Hall in Programming Languages

I have a control as .cs file where in i add controls dynamically and this cs file gets added to the placeholder. The first time the table is created certain rows are skipped and these skipped rows are shown selected index changed event of a dropdown.

Now, when i add these rows on selectedindexchanged event the row gets added but the required field assoicated with it does not even re

AS3: Dyanmically added content being added at strange times
by DMasterX in Web Design

I am having an issue with adding dynamic content through an interval. The content is being added to the screen, but the X position, as well as the tween, seem to be completely out of sink.

The below is a screenshot when the interval is at 100 milliseconds, as it shows it best. The application needs to work at 200 milliseconds (where the error is not as clear, but the lines are still

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