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iphone/ipad adding adding and removing a subview doesnt work
by MikeG in Development Tools & Services

Im have a slight amount of trouble adding a new view to my scene, I have the code like this:

- (void) showMyDayView {
NSLog(@"My Day View was touched");
MyDayViewController *temp = [[MyDayViewController alloc] initWithNibName: @"MyDayView" bundle:nil];
self.myDayViewController = temp;
NSLog(@"superview: %@", [[self mainNavView] superview]);
[[self mainNav

adding, removing, then re-adding a custom method with Jquery Validate plugin
by Gurpreet Singh in Programming Languages

I'm having trouble with re-adding a custom method I created with the Jquery Validation plugin.
I posted a simple example on jsfiddle to show what my form basically does...
The user has a form where they pick a school from a text field (really an autocomplete).
The form has a custom rule so that the school_id which is set via a .blur event (in reality the autocomplete sets the sch

Android adding dynamic button click disabled when adding edittext
by LittleCodeShop in Programming Languages

I am dynamically adding a button to a frame layout. Which works great. When I add an edittext object to the same frame layout, it appears the functionality of being able to click the button appears to stop.

Can anybody help me with this. Here is my code: -

FrameLayout reportLayout = (FrameLayout) findViewById(R.id.reportDetailLayout);

Lookup field value not adding when adding word file to the document library - sharepoint 2010
by glenn1 in Programming Languages

i am using the following code to add files to the document library with additional field values. it is working for all other file type except MS office file type. File is getting added but not the lookup fields.


Hashtable metaData = new Hashtable();
SPFieldLookupValue doctype = new SPFieldLookupValue(

fullcalendar adding events from mysql json - adding eventClick returns blank page
by micaleel in Programming Languages

I am pulling events into the calendar using JSON and php. I am know trying to add evenClicks or mouseOver events the the calendar and when I do I get a blank page. My JS knowledge is rather novice so at this point I'm stuck

Heres my calendar script

$(document).ready(function() {

header: {
left: 'prev,next

Adding Search Text Box to Gridview Gives Error when Adding a New Record
by luger in Databases

I have this gridview up and running it has an add row button in the footer row with 3 of the columns using dropdownlist and the rest textboxes. I have tested it and everything is working. When I add a search text box and button to allow the user to search the gridview, the code works and it repopulates the gridview with records that match the users input. The proplem i am having is that after i

Adding a uniqueidentifier column and adding the default to generate new guid
by rbonestell in Programming Languages

I have the following SQL command:

ALTER TABLE dbo.UserProfiles
ADD ChatId UniqueIdentifier NOT NULL,
CONTRAINT "ChatId_default" SET DEFAULT newid()

I want to be able to make this column unique, and I want it to be able to generate a new guid every time a row is added to the table. This column is not an IDENTITY column because I

Adding multiple jpanels to container, adding space/border between?
by Super56K in Programming Languages

I am creating a program which has three jpanels: one container, and inside the container is two jpanels, one that is going to hold buttons and one which will hold the content. Ive got them both showing so far and its looking good, the only problem i I was hoping to add some space or a border between or the two (or around the button menu if possible) however since both internal panels are set to

Process of Adding Classifier in MOA what is recompile it by adding a jar or java file?
by General Mills in Java

i am trying only adding the .java file using cmd line, by compiling using javac and then executing using command line MOA(massive online analysis), but it shows error as exception in thread main java.lang.noclassdeffounferror:moa/gui/GUI, so what I basically require is that somebody shows me how to add a classifier, how you guys do it, step by step process only, I don't understand adding of cod

Adding keys to a list or collection - is there any value in hashing the key before adding it
by fukas78 in Programming Languages

I have stumbled across some code that is adding strings to a List but hashing the value before adding it.

It's using an MD5 hash (MD5CryptoServiceProvider) on the string value, then adding this to the list.

Is there any value in doing this in terms of speed to find the key in the list or is this just unnecessary?

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