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How to distinguish a NY “Queens-style” street address from a ranged address, and an address with a unit#
by ArmHead in Development Tools & Services

I need to distinguish between a Queens style address, from a valid ranged address, and an address with a unit#. For eg:

Queens style: 123-125 Some Street, NY

Ranged Address: 6414-6418 37th Ln SE, Olympia, WA 98503

Address with unit#: 1990-A Gildersleeve Ave, Bronx, NY.

In the case of #3, A is a unit# at street address 1990. THe unit# might be a nu

Interested in making a PHP script that increments IP address from defined starting address to defined ending address

I know I can do this easily by converting the IP addresses to decimal notation first using PHP built in functions like up2long and long2ip. I just want to be able to do the same using the standard IP address notation as an exercise.

The problem I am thinking goes like this: Given an starting IP address, say, and an ending IP address, say 201.1

Back-button works but $.address.value() no longer changable. (jQuery Address Plugin)
by Adam May in Programming Languages

I'm using the jquery address plugin by asure (http://www.asual.com/jquery/address/) so i can invoke animations to load new content (via jQuery load) and maintain functionality of the forward and back buttons of the browser. I'm loading my extra content into a div, which works fine. When a Thumbnail is clicked the desired page opens. A click on the back button brings you back to the index.

EWS Managed API: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted
by cjdavis in Programming Languages

We're developing software that allows our custom scheduling application (master role) to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2007 (slave role). Our solution is based on .NET 4.0, the EWS Managed API and Parallel Fx, and of course our own C# code. We've taken special care of the fact that "ExchangeService" class instances are not used by multiple threads concurrently and are conserva

Jquery.address page jump issue in scrolling scenarios: $.address.wrap()?
by mikieb in Programming Languages

Can someone help me understand how to use the "wrap" method of jquery.address?
I'm trying to avoid page scrolling jump when i call the $.address.change(fn).
Jquery.address add # to my url so by default page suddenly scroll to top... ooh this drive me crazy..

thank you

$.address.wrap() Returns: Boolean
Provides the state of the wrap mode. Disabl

How to Find an Email Address If You Have the Phone, Address, City, State and Name of a Person
by johntynan in Legal
If you are searching for an email address of a friend or long-lost classmate, there are several things you can do to find them and get reconnected. Several websites are dedicated to helping you find the contact information for people that you have lost touch with. You can also perform different types of online searches with search engines to find information. If you have the phone number, address,

How to stop redirect to default website when IP address is entered in the address bar of the browser?
by youtube-api in Programming Languages

I have multiple websites hosted on our server. When someone types the IP address in the address bar of the Browser It redirects to one of the websites hosted on the server. Is there any way by which I can set the default website which is opened when some one types the IP address. Same IP address is being shared by multiple websites.

Magento: Paypal is taking shipping address as default instead of billing address
by Traveling around the world in Programming Languages

I am using "PayPal Website Payments Standard" in my magento based e-commerce site. At the time of checkout if user eneters separate billing and shipping address and goes to paypal site for payment, then paypal shows shipping address as default along with credit card fields. I want to show billing as default there, instead of shipping.

I have removed this (line:238) $request['a

I need a SQL statement to include address 1 or address 2 or use both addresses to create a mailing list
by KeithTalent in Databases

I have a database of young carers that have a mailing address. Sometimes the young people have a 2nd address depending on who they live with. Sometimes information needs to be sent to address 1 or address 2 or both of the addresses; I use a combo box to tell me which address I need to use, i.e. address 1, address 2, or both.

How do I write the query? This is the query as it is at

“Billing address same as shipping address” jQuery script: is there a better way to do this?
by ruby in Web Design

I'm creating a php Contact Form for a friend's bike courier service. Basically, when the "shipping and billing address is the same" box is checked, I want the two sets of fields to be in sync after every keyup event.

The form is pretty straight forward:

<!-- Get the shipping address inputs -->
<input type="text" name="company_address1" value="" id="compa

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