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SSI Benefits for Ages 50-62
by Skurge in Personal Finance
One of the disability programs that the Social Security Administration runs is known as Supplemental Security Income. This program not only pays benefits to people who are disabled, but it also pays benefits to senior citizens older than 65 years of age who also meet other requirements. Unlike other Social Security programs, these benefits are not dependent upon Social Security tax, but on general
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Art Activities to Do for Ages 5 to 10
by mikhaelrasputin in Education
Children ages 5 through 10 can stretch their creativity if they are provide with new and exciting art projects that keep their minds active. Because there are so many different types of art activities to do with elementary school-aged students, it is important to select highly creative activities that allow students to add their individuality into their studies. 3D PaintingMaking a 3D painting
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Activities for Ages 3 to 5
by tong in Relationships & Family
Preschool aged children are at the beginning of their learning career and the activities that occupy their time during this period can have an impact on their future. The activities that they take part in at this stage help them to learn how to spell and count and can create confident children who interact well with others. Interactive ActivitiesUndoubtedly, a child's favorite activity is to pl
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Fun Games for Ages 10 & Up
by jwright30 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A game can brighten any day and bring the players closer together. For adolescents aged 10 and up, games like "Duck Duck Goose" and "Mother May I" may not entice them as much as when they were younger. To entertain these older children, suggest games that challenge their minds and have higher levels of competition. Shadow ScoutGather all the players in a large outdoor space. Pick one player to
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Games for Ages 6 to 10
by tjh0001 in Parties & Entertaining
Kids in the age range of 6 to 10, first through fourth graders, are ready for more sophisticated games than they were when they were younger. Group games that involve lots of kids playing at the same time are especially popular so that everyone can play at the same time. Quiet games for fewer children are also appropriate. Indoor GamesIndoor games are a way for groups of kids to get to know eac
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What Ages Are Toddlers?
by Milindur in Parenting
Derived from the Middle English word toteren, meaning "to walk unsteadily," the word toddler aptly fits the little people that cling to their parents' knees and fingertips as they take their first steps. Increased mobility gives these 12 to 36 month old children the ability to explore and learn from their environment in new and challenging ways. Toddler development is marked by an increased desir
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Different Hairstyles Through the Ages
by Brian Drum in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
A fascination with appearance has characterized all periods of human history, and hairstyles are no exception. From feathered haircuts to French braids, mohawks to mullets, pompadours and permanent waves, men and women have used hairstyles to make statements about themselves, or provoke their peers. Inevitably, many more notable hairstyles wind up being revisited through the ages, as men and women

Art Projects for All Ages
by jkjambo in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Painting is a form of art which is fun for any age group. Holding a paintbrush and moving paint is a simple task which brings enjoyment to the artist. Out of the many art projects that both adults and children are capable of, painting stands out as the most enjoyable and relaxing for anyone involved. Abstract Painting and KandinskyAbstract painting is fun because anything is possible. When the
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Top Wii Games for Ages 3 to 6
by nickthecook in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Nintendo Wii is a gaming console geared more toward kids and families. Games are colorful and cartoonish and often educational and morally sound. There are a number of top Wii games for kids between the ages of 3 and 6. "Boom Blox Bash Party""Boom Blox Bash Party" allows kids to build massive towers out of blocks and then knock them down, or just knock down ones that have already been built. Ea
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Art Ideas for Ages 8 to 15
by debuke in Arts & Entertainment
Very young children are drawn to art. As children get older they often become more detached from the subject, as they have a greater range of subjects to choose from. Giving children a wide range of different art projects is very important. Doing so will help to maintain a child's interest in art throughout his whole life. OrigamiOrigami is the Japanese art of paper folding, and, for children n
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