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Hotels With Airport Parking at the Cincinnati Airport
by Progdis in Travel
Cincinnati is a city located in southwestern Ohio in Hamilton County. As of the 2008 census, the population of Cincinnati was approximately 353,000 people. The primary international airport serving the Cincinnati area is the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport also known as the Greater Cincinnati Airport. The airport is in Kentucky near the state line in Hebron, an unincorporated ar

How to Calculate Air Miles From Airport to Airport
by SeaSerpent in Travel
Many frequent travelers may find it useful to be able to calculate air miles from one airport to another. Instead of relying on an airline or a travel agent to calculate mileage, you can easily calculate air miles on your own by accessing the right web-based application.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Point your web browser to webflyer.com/travel/milemarker/. This website will provide

How to Get Around DFW Airport
by Jake Levitt in Arts & Entertainment
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest airports in the United States. It's size makes it very difficult for first-time passengers to find their way around. To make your trip smooth and easier, the steps below will help you to find you way around DFW airport.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Departing from DFW AirportVisit the Transportation Security Administration's website
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How to Use Mac AirPort Wi-Fi
by Seba in Computers
Long gone are the days of slow dial-up Internet connections. With Wi-Fi hotspots popping up all over the country, the Internet can go wherever you do. Using the AirPort function that is built into every Mac computer, access the Internet anywhere there is a Wi-Fi signal.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Macintosh computer with AirPort card

Go to an area that y

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How to Get a Job at an Airport
by GarlicBreath in Careers & Job Searching
Airport jobs include positions with airport authorities, fixed base operators, airlines, flight schools, and aircraft owners. These jobs include airport management, airport operations, aircraft maintenance, piloting, flight instruction and aircraft line service. Although some of these positions require special training and federal or state certification, most are open to anyone with a bachelor's d
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How to Set Up My MacBook as an AirPort
by davidg in Computers
Wireless networks have many benefits, such as freedom to connect from anywhere in your house, and allowing more than one person on the network at any one time. Wired broadband, on the other hand, offers generally faster and more reliable connections. If you have a wired connection, there's no reason you can't also have a wireless network in your house. Using Mac OS X's built-in sharing functionali
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How to Park at an Airport
by Phil Austin in Travel
Parking correctly at an airport depends significantly on the reason for going to the airport, the type of trip involved, and how much you want to pay for parking. Many airports have different options to choose from, ranging from very close, covered and secure, to very far away but economical. Frequently dubbed short-term, day parking, and long-term parking, the choices generally meet most people's
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The Best Hotels Near JFK Airport
by Jimzz in Travel
John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. When you fly into the New York City area through JFK Airport, staying at a nearby airport hotel may offer more convenience than commuting into Manhattan. Airport hotels typically provide free airport transportation, which decreases the need for a rental car or paid car service. Doubletree Hotel JFK AirportThe D

How to Set Up AirPort Wireless
by iMelnik in Computers
Apple refers to its wireless networking setup as "AirPort." Though it uses a different name, AirPort is a standard 802.11 wireless connection that will interoperate with other wireless equipment with no problems. The only requirement is that both the wireless router and the AirPort wireless network card are operating on the same 802.11 sub-standard, such as A, B, G or N.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
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How to Take a Digital SLR Through an Airport
by Bulk Beef in Travel
While 35mm film shooters fret over the number of rolls they've packed and possible X-ray damage, digital shooters breeze through security quickly and without worry. Though security measures have been increased over the past decade, digital cameras are still allowed as carry-on items. In fact, most airports insist that cameras not be checked due to the shifting of luggage during travel. All digital

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