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Alexa api in php
by redha in PHP

This is their sample I don't know how to get it working.

It keeps showing: Usage: $argv[0] ACCESS_KEY_ID SECRET_ACCESS_KEY site
It is not working, when you fill in:

$urlInfo = new UrlInfo("myaccessKeyId", "mysecretAccessKey", "stackoverflow.com");

How do I fix this issue?

public functi
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Alexa API?
by Pete in Development Tools & Services

are there any traffic data api out there for any domain? I can't find an API from Alexa, any other Alexa like companies out there?
Is scrapping from Alexa a workable way of obtaining these traffic data?

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How to Get Ranked on Alexa
by cmt95 in Internet
Alexa is a user-based page ranking system that utilizes a toolbar to generate page rank and Web traffic statistics. Alexa members contribute information by using the toolbar to perform searches and to navigate the Internet. Alexa gathers information about the sites visited each time users perform searches using the toolbar. Users can instantly see how their website measures up to other sites by ac
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How to Block Alexa
by changke in Internet
Alexa is a web information company that provides statistics for millions of websites on the Internet. The site gives access to traffic stats and metrics, related links, online reviews, site tools, an Alexa toolbar and other analytical tools. You have the option to block Alexa from being accessed on your computer, but you cannot remove your website from their index for others to view. Your stats wo
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When Does Alexa Update?
by mAuo in Internet
There are several services that you can use to gauge the popularity or effectiveness of your website. Alexa is a free tool that ranks your website and provides additional information without any installation required. If you have recently increased visitors or page views on your website, you will want to see how that affects your Alexa rank. Alexa updates the traffic rank and sites linking to your

How to Use Alexa.com For Research
by TheMoo in Internet
When designing your website, it helps to know what your competitors are doing right and wrong. This is where Alexa.com comes in. When you use Alexa.com for research, you can learn how many pages a visitor to a website may view before they leave and what you can do to keep them looking at your site longer. These simple steps can help you use Alexa.com for research to not only build a better website
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What Is an Alexa Rating?
by Taylon Silmer in Internet
Alexa.com provides a variety of services tracking the usage of websites on the Internet. Alexa tracks information such as a website's page views, the time visitors spend on the website and what country the visitors live in. One of metrics Alexa is most widely known for tracking is a website's global popularity ranking, the relative amount of traffic a website receives in comparison with every othe
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What Is an Alexa Score?
by Thomas Plunkett in Internet
Alexa Internet, launched in 1996, is a company that tracks traffic patterns and demographic information for websites. Amazon purchased Alexa in 1999, and the service continues to provide Web traffic data through the website Alexa.com. Alexa has a great deal of experience as a Web tracking company, and the score that it assigns a website can have a significant impact on its potential sale value.
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How to Detect the Alexa Toolbar
by tayles in Internet
The Alexa toolbar is a free Internet browser add-on from Alexa Internet, Inc. The toolbar lets you see the Alexa ranking of the website you are visiting and the amount of traffic it receives. The Alexa ranking is a numerical value which indicates the popularity of a website. It's easy to detect the Alexa toolbar on your computer.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Click on "Control Panel" in

Can Alexa Detect Proxies?
by Simon Dick in Computers
A proxy is a server that acts as a messenger between network computers. Proxy servers identify IP addresses and allow clients to indirectly access network services, using an authentication process. Alexa, owned by Amazon, provides a database and downloadable toolbars that measure Internet activity. This software collects comprehensive data on its users, such as age, gender and other demographics.

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