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Keep alive using SIP in .net
by FriendL in Programming Languages

I am creating an application where I need to implement SIP protocol in .NET. We have Client-Server setup where client keeps on sending keep alive message to server. We can only use SIP protocol or any other protocol which is support with ICE.

Could some one help me in implementing this. I don't have much idea about these protocols but I know .net very well. Some sample code would be

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How to Keep Sod Alive
by Chris Tattum in Home & Garden
Sod is a living, breathing lawn uprooted from its home field to provide homeowners with green, fast-establishing grass. Transplanting generates stress in plants, and sod is no exception. Homeowners and landscaping professionals installing sod need to treat the sod carefully in order to create the best chances for the sod's survival. Sod is at its most vulnerable during the period between harvestin
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How to Keep New Sod Alive
by cbridi in Home & Garden
According to the University of Minnesota Extension, growing sod has a number of advantages over seeding your lawn. Sod comes with very few weeds and grows into your lawn quickly. It can be planted at nearly any time during the season and holds well in slopes where seeds are difficult to grow. Once you order the sod, however, the clock is ticking. If you do not prepare your yard adequately, install
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How to Tell if a Nit Is Alive
by Nick in Health
Nits are tiny eggs that female lice lay at the base of hair shafts. Because they are so small, nits can easily be mistaken for dandruff or residue from hair products. The difference is that a nit will be firmly glued to the hair shaft, making it difficult to remove. In order to determine whether a nit is alive or has already hatched, you will need to use a magnifying glass.Difficulty:Moderately Ea
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Is Pinax alive?
by Pedro Varela in Web Design

I've seen Pinax in the past and I'd like to use it today. It's on version 0.7. I wonder know if it's still in development.

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Is Oolongengine for iOS is still alive?
by John Tate in Operating Systems

I can't find any Oolongengine forums or groups.
Also Googling doesnt gave much info.
Updates on http://code.google.com/p/oolongengine/ are quite old.
Is that engine is still alive?

How to Catch a Rat Alive
by dbrews in Home & Garden
Rats are common household pests that can be very difficult to eliminate. Many homeowners turn to traps and poisons to control a rat problem but these are not the only options. It is possible to catch rats alive in order to transport them to a location far from your home where they will no longer bother you. Whether you purchase a live trap or build your own, it is a humane alternative to killing n
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How to Keep Butterflies Alive
by timswim78 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Raising caterpillars into butterflies can be a rewarding endeavor for young children. The average lifespan of a butterfly is a month and a maximum of nine months, while some butterflies live only a few days. According to the North American Butterfly Association, the bigger part of the battle is nurturing the caterpillar into its emergence as a butterfly and then releasing it to live out its life i

Keep Ajax alive
by Dennis Caldwell in Programming Languages

I'm trying to get my ajax to request information from the server and also keep it alive for at least 1 minuite before having a break and restarting and getting and passing a new streamitem_id if their were one inserted since the last call.

Currently it runs so fast and only once and I don't understand why.


<script type="text/javascript" charset="ut
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How to Keep Tulips Alive
by Mai72 in Home & Garden
Tulips can live for years in a garden bed, providing a new flush of blooms each spring. The plants decline and stop flowering for many reasons, most revolving around the lack of proper care. Selection is the first key to a long-lived tulip bulb. Choose varieties known to flower for years, as opposed to those that only bloom for a year or two before requiring replacement. Species and botanical vari
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