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Allowing JTable to be edited by program only, but allowing users able to copy data from it
by drnickriviera in Programming Languages

Not really sure how to word the title with out making it a paragraph long.

Basically I have a JTable in my program that I can't let the users edit. But the program must be able to edit it itself. Futhermore, the user must be allowed to actually select and copy text from the cells in the table, just not edit it.

How can I achieve this? Preferably a generic so

Reg Ex - not allowing zero
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

Excuse my ignorance. My knowledge of regular expressions is extremely limited.

I have the following regular expression on a regular expression validator.


It currently allows zero. I need to update it so that it does not allow a value of 0.

[Edit: Just to clarify, I would like it to exclude a value

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Allowing XSS on IIS 7
by Juice in Programming Languages

I have a.domain.com and b.domain.com, and would like to allow these to call javascript functions from each other.

a.domain.com has b.domain.com in an iframe.

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Allowing user css
by rascator in Development Tools & Services

I'm allowing user css.

I'm taking their css input, creating a style, and just inserting it.

Are there any security issues I need to consider.

Do I need to validate that css?


TAGS : Allowing user

Allowing translation later on ASP.NET
by daveybrat in Development Tools & Services

I have an application that has two localization options at the moment through .resx files. I would like to allow other users to translate the website into their own languages as they desire.

1) Is there a way to do so?
2) Or do they have to create a .resx file through some kind of a .resx creator and send it to me so than I can add it to my project?

Not allowing Dragdrop
by dEXterz in Programming Languages

I Have the below mousedragdrop event, my application is allowing dragdrop in picbxdrop1,picbxdrop2,picboxdrop3 but not in picbxdrop4. can any one help or guide me?

Private Sub Picturebox_DragDrop(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) Handles picbxdrop1.DragDrop, picbxdrop2.DragDrop, picbxdrop3.DragDrop, picbxdrop4.DragDrop

Allowing * in SQL query
by Star Gryphon in Databases

I have a stored procedure and I want to allow * in it so that if user:

types t* then taller, tea returns
types * or . then all results are returned
types t then all results which have t are returned like ptv, tall, sit

my stored procedure is this:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SearchEntityDataNew]
@SearchText varchar(100) = '*'
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IE6 only allowing $.get(..) through server
by Paratus in Programming Languages

I am not sure if this issue exists in other browsers; however, if I am simply trying to run a jquery $.get() in IE6, without running through a server, then it[$.get] will fail. As in it wont actually get the file. I am simply trying to grab an xml file in the same directory. I am trying to bundle this stuff up on a disk and distribute them. Is there a workaround for this? I suppose a workaroun

cakephp 2.2 not allowing login
by Roman in Programming Languages

I have a cakePHP installation, and can't work out how to allow users to login. I've built a registation page, and that's putting the data into the database just fine. I have a User model with a username/password field, and an is_admin field, that I'd like to restrict to all pages beginning with /admin/ (though just logging anyone in at this point would be great).

My major problem i

Allowing any character in the URL in CodeIgniter
by digiram in Programming Languages

I'm using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. I use JS to dynamically load a PHP page:

'/index.php/controller/method/' +

When I ran this, CodeIgniter gave me this error:
An Error Was

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