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NoSQL FREE alternative (alternative to ravendb) for C# development
by Luciano Campos in C & C++ & C#

I discovered raven-db and I liked it but then I saw the license... GPL or Pay

So I'm looking for good free for closed-source C# development raven-db alternative.
Seems like MongoDB and Berkley are GPL too.

And it's much better for me to find an embedded solution.

An IRA Alternative
by Valentine in Personal Finance
Saving for retirement is an essential step toward financial security later in life. Once you lose the security of a paycheck, you'll need some other way to pay for your cost of living and fund the recreational activities you'll have planned. There is no shortage of retirement savings options, with individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, among the most common. But a diverse investment portfolio is
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alternative to Tag in asp.net
by Jake Levitt in Programming Languages

What is the alternative to winforms-style control.Tag in asp.net?

For example:

ListItem li = ListBox1.SelectedItem;
Product prod = (Product) li.Tag;

How can I rewrite this in asp.net?

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Alternative to sql NOT IN?
by Henrique in Programming Languages

I am trying to make a materialized view in Oracle (I am a newbie, btw). For some reason, it doesn't like the presence of sub-query in it. I've been trying to use LEFT OUTER JOIN instead, but it's returning different data set now.

Put simply, here's the code I'm trying to modify:

FROM table1 ros, table2 bal, table3 flx
WHERE flx.name = 'XXX'
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Alternative to SSI in ASP.NET
by AFurryReptile in Development Tools & Services

This has been asked before, and will be asked again!

I am currently building a small-ish corporate website (15-20 pages) in ASP.NET VB, I am NOT building it in visual studio, I am doing the layout in Dreamweaver CS5.5 and the code is in a hand edited CodeBehind .vb file per page. I am linking some bits of it to their internal Intranet, which I will build after the site. so its very

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ADT Alternative
by bikefixxer in Home & Garden
Home security is a major concern. You want to keep your family and your possessions safe and you want to feel secure in your own home. One of the nation's leaders in home security systems is ADT. Whether you go with ADT or not, you should consider various alternatives. After considering the alternatives, you can make an informed decision about your home security system. Use a Commercial Provide
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Alternative to Xor
by Baskaran in Programming Languages

I've been given the following method:

Private Sub boldButton_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles boldButton.Click
Dim curFont As Font
Dim newFont As Font
curFont = rtb.SelectionFont
If curFont IsNot Nothing Then
'create the new font
newFont = New Font(curFont.FontFamily, curFont.Size, curFont.
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Down Vs. Down Alternative
by Matt1970 in Home & Garden
The soft, fluffy layer of down that keeps waterfowl warm also keeps people warm in the form of down-filled comforters. Natural down can also affect allergy sufferers adversely, while other buyers prefer not to use products of animal origin in their bedding. Down alternatives including silk, synthetic fibers and plant-based materials can solve some or all of these concerns. WeightDown exists to

com+ alternative in .net?
by Keeper in Programming Languages

What is the com+ alternative in .net? Is it .net remoting or WCF or something else.

Both the answers are correct that there are alternatives even I think we can use remoting and webservice to achieve functionalities of com+. or even can use wrapper for com+ too.But I am talking about is there something that could depricate com+ , like in java we have EJB as an alternative of com+, i

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Looking for an alternative to IBM RAD
by Chennai in Web Design

Recently we got a quote for IBM RAD which ran ~$2500. I'm looking to see if there is a viable alternative to RAD which integrates easily (especially debugging) with websphere and has all the libraries that RAD offers. The only alternative I've seen so far is myeclipseblue, but I haven't seen any reviews on it.

Are there others or has anyone had a good experience with myeclipseblue

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