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How to retrieve incorrect answers from a list of possible answers
by IeraseU in Programming Languages

With the code below I am trying to retrieve the list of possible answers by first finishing a question's Option Type and then removing the correct answers (Answer field`) from the list of answers.

My question though is that I just need a little help finishing the code off to be able to do this. I am getting an notices in the $row variable wher

How to loops through set of answers once and display only incorrect answers
by kraszie in Programming Languages

So lets say below are the correct and incorrect answers for each question:

Question Number: 1 Correct Answer(s) B Incorrect Answers A C D
Question Number: 2 Correct Answer(s) A C Incorrect Answers B D
Question Number: 3 Correct Answer(s) D Incorrect Answers A B C

The problem is the way I am retreiving the incorrect answers for a ques

How to submit forms with answers in each different result of a 'select mysql query' and insert the answers in mysql database
by Meghan54 in Programming Languages

I have tried this code:

$sql="SELECT id, comment FROM comments
ORDER BY comments.id DESC";
$result = mysql_query($sql) or trigger_error ( mysql_error ( ));
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo "<div>";
echo $row['comment'];
echo "</br>";
// Answer to comment
echo "<a id='hr

'questions' and 'answers' with multiple answers
by Jpark in Databases

This question is related to this post:

I have a survey app where most questions have a set of answers that are 1-5. Now we have to do questions that could have a variety of different answer types -- numeric, date, string, etc. Thanks to suggestions from stack, I went with a str

I need to create a form with 2 parts. first part answers are received ONLY if second part answers were not completed
by chardin in Programming Languages

I basically need to have first part be a simple name / email field.. then a button says Next.
Then second part has about 10 more fields and then a submit.

I am trying to create this so that in the event the second part makes someone turn away, I still receive the first part. BUT if they fill out the second part I get all of it.

Please I'm pulling out my hair!

multiple answers, but I only want one
by DSLer in Programming Languages

I have created several if else statements, along with parsing a double and then the answer is the double = each of the else statements. When i run the program it runs beautifully, except that each answer if given...

//Makes a variable for the entered amount
double mercurypf;
double venuspf;
double earthpf;

How to separate answers
by venom361 in Programming Languages

Below I have a piece of code which combines each answer per question:

// $questionNumber is simply n in value[n][]
// $answers is an array of value attributes from <input>s for this question
foreach ($_POST['value'] as $questionNumber => $answers) {
// combine all the answers into a single string (e.g. ACE)
$selected_answer = implode(', $answe
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IRS Questions & Answers
by tonix in Personal Finance
Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a difficult, stressful and frustrating process. In most cases, the source of those feelings revolve around an audit the IRS chooses to conduct on an individual's tax return. If that is the case with you, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. What is the IRS?The IRS is the agency in charge of a variety of tax issues, primar

Security of DNS answers
by orson in Network & Servers

I have been searching for information regarding this topic but I found no direct answer.
Is it possible for the following to happen:

PC 1:
-opens UDP socket in port X
-sends a request to a DNS server to resolve a name


a hacker captures the packet in the internet, and he himself answers the request with a wrong answer


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How can I Share My answers to all
by keithosu in Programming Languages

I am new to this stackoverflow.I have one doubt If I have some answer mean how can i share that to everyone .


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