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Org.apache.jasper and org.apache.jsp packages in apache Tomcat 7
by Barfo in Development Tools & Services

I want to know in general what do the packages org.apache.jasper and org.apache.jsp do in Tomcat 7. As far as I have noticed, org.apache.jasper methods are responsible for compilation of jsp pages and org.apache.jsp methods are responsible for execution of jsp pages. I am not quuite sure though.

Could someone please better explain about their functionalities and difference ?

How do I configure Apache Tika and Apache Solr to index and search a directory of pdf files?
by ganok_tor in Development Tools & Services

How can I make Apache Tika index a directory of PDF and textfiles including subdirectories and submit it to Apache Solr so that I can have a search engine for the content of this directory?

Any advice apprechiated, on Windows or Linux it doesn't matter.
I have not been able to get this to work because the documentation on these two projects are mostly geared for developers, whi

Commands used to check apache and setting options for a directory under Apache (htaccess)
by teabagbrewster in Operating Systems

I'm having a linux quiz and I don't have an active internet connection running on my notebook(ubuntu server installed) to actually check if apache would work or not under these commands. So I've been digging on different books, forums, etc and came to a conclusion that apachetl status and psgrep apache shows if its running. What I do need it's another answer from the remaining five ( there are

Mason,perl,apache errors are logged in the wrong file in Apache
by Hai Nguyen in Programming Languages

I have a virtual host in Apache that uses the error_log: logs/website_error.log

When I'm writing to the STDERR in perl ( e.g: print STDERR " blablbla" ) it shows in the website_error.log file - that's ok.

The problem starts when I'm using the same row inside a component in Mason, the same row ended up in the default error_log file for httpd.conf ( /var/log/httpd/error_lo

Apache TomEE: want to user Mojarra JSF in my project instead of built-in Apache MyFaces
by Traut in Development Tools & Services

I have a related question. I am migrating my project from Jboss to TomEE. I was using Mojarra JSF, and have been having problems trying to get everything working using MyFaces (view Encryption problems, UI problems, ajax problems, etc). I just want to include Mojarra jars in my project, but looks like they are clashing with the built-in MyFaces jars that comes bundled with TomEE. I keep getting

Apache - how to limit maximum download speed of files? (if not apache, i can run lighthttpd)
by Riparian in Development Tools & Services

I have a bunch of videos but I only want to limit the maximum download speed for these files to be 1mbps. How can I set this up (ideally in Apache but lighthttpd is an option)


Passing configuration parameters from apache.conf to custom apache C module?
by Stone in Programming Languages

Is there any mechanism in the Apache httpd framework that would allow me to pass custom parameters from the Apache configuration file to a custom Apache module (written using the C API)? I really only need key/value pairs.

Something like in conf file:

ConfigParameter foo bar

And then in the code:

string foo = GetApacheConfigParamet

PHP mail sends but sender is always “Apache <apache@hosting12”
by yhelothar in Development Tools & Services

In my mail client or gmail the sender is always apache@hosting12

Any way to fix this issue?
I have tried setting the headers like these with no success. Can sombody please help me?

$headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0" . "
$headers .= "Content-type:text/html;charset=iso-8859-1" . "
$headers .= "From: <'$from'>
$headers .= "

how do I get apache http client 4.0.1 (org.apache.httpcomponents) to redirect automatically to a get after a post?
by Mansur in Development Tools & Services

According to the documentation, the apache http client is supposed to automatically redirect. I am submitting a post to a server, and it has a redirect. Unfortunately, the response handler is giving back an empty string. It just isn't following the redirect and giving me that content directly. Is there an easy way to get the client to follow redirects?

Install Apache with mod_wsgi to use Python for RESTful web services and Apache for web pages
by Dennis in Programming Languages

Can anyone help me install Apache with mod_wsgi to run Python for implementation of RESTful Web services. We're trying to get rid of our existing Java REST services with Apache Tomcat.
The installation platform is SUSE Linux Enterprise. Please provide a step by step installation procedure with required modules, as I tried it and everytime was missinhg one module or other either in Python i

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