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mysql query help : show field Appearance count and Appearance Percentage
Category : Databases

What I need is query that show :

How many times value in field is Appearance and how many Percentage is from the total.

What I have until now is :

SELECT field, COUNT(field)
FROM table
GROUP BY field;

That show me result of how many time every value is Appearance.

How can I get also the Appearance Percentage in o

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General Appearance Vs. Special Appearance
Category : Legal
When a plaintiff sues a defendant, the plaintiff chooses the court in which to bring the suit. However, that court may not be able to exercise jurisdiction over a defendant. A special appearance provides a method for a defendant to contest a court's jurisdiction over his person and property. Those with questions about personal jurisdiction should seek the advice of a lawyer. Personal Jurisidict

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Is the appearance of the even rows overwritten to the custom appearance of some rows?
Category : Programming Languages

Let's clear the situation in here.
Let's have a devexpress's gridview control in a WIN form. Let's set the Appearance of the Even rows of the grid have the backcolor = color.whiteSmoke (say to help the users distiguish the rows easily). We do this in design time.
Now, let's do programmatically color in red some rows that match my condition in an event: gridView_RowStyle.

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Combobox appearance
Category : Programming Languages

Can I change the appearance of a Winforms ComboBox so that a Combobox with DropDownStyle = DropDownList looks more like one that is DropDownStyle = DropDown. The functional difference between them is that the former doesn't allow for user entered values, the problem is that it's default color scheme looks grayed out and doesn't match with textboxes on the same dialog.

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Appearance difference between Qt4 and Qt5
Category : Operating Systems

I use Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. I installed Qt4 from Ubuntu repo.
Version is Qt 4.8.3 and Qt Creator 2.5.2

I also downloaded Qt5 from qt-project.org and its version number is
Qt 5.0.1 and Qt Creator 2.6.2

When I compiled and run same project, their appearance slightly different.
What is the reason for that? Is it because of Ubuntu or Qt5?

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app appearance changes in different devices
Category : Programming Languages

I created an app and when I give it to different friends with different devices they start to experiencing errors. For example, one of them is that in my device (Samsung galaxy S2) It looks like this:

And in another mobile (in this case samsung galaxy S3) like this:

This is the xml code that I use:

<LinearLayout xmlns:andro

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MFC Wizard Appearance
Category : Web Design

I have a MFC wizard based application (CPropertySheet, CPropertyPage) created with vS2008. I am trying to give my app which is nearly completed a more modern look. I looked into CDHTMLDIalog but it looks like a lot of work and not too well documented. Next I thought I could use some of the features of the Feature Pack. I found a thread about this link text but have added the code mentioned i

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PHP variable that get +1 at every appearance
Category : Programming Languages

I want to replace this code:


with something like this:


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JFilechooser appearance
Category : Programming Languages

In my swing application, I have set the UI Look and Feel as:


And it works well on Windows. Inside, the application, the user has to select files using the JFileChooser. The JFileChooser appearance on windows is again the native one. But not on Mac.
The screensh

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How to customize the appearance of a tab bar?
Category : Mobile Programming

I am looking to customize the appearance of a tab bar. Specifically I want to:

Change the default tabBar color
Add a custom image on top of the tabBar
Add custom images to tabBarButtons
Change the font of tabBarButtons

In a nutshell, I want all of the functionality of a tab bar but with a completely custom look.

Should I start subclassing elements, o

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