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Loadrunner asp.net appliction
by ZsA in ASP & ASP.net

We have an asp.net 3.5 web app that we must start load testing with LoadRunner

What we have found is that if you open several browsers (ie8) they share the same session id, so making a change in one window impacts the other windows (not just our app, others app also).

Now, LoadRunner can simulate a number of users per pc, and so we are finding its getting messed up since

access variables from Appliction.cfc
by mitry in Databases

I would like to know the new way of calling variables from the Application.cfc file when using the script function, which has the format of "this.something" My example:

component {
// application variables
this.datasource = "my DSN";

Now in my cfquery I want to access this. I used in the past I would use [cfset REQUEST.dataSource ="My

Invert all colors from within the appliction
by Roel van Dijk in Operating Systems

Is it possible to replicate the white on black feature that the iphone has from within an application.

I am trying to set up a toggle and when turned on the application will invert all of it's colors. Essentially creating a 'night time mode'

how to get permissions for a network appliction?
by LookBehindYou in Programming Languages

my application is communicating on udp ports when i start application my application it asks for "allow" and some times throws exception. how can i set all permissions to my application on load event using c#?

how can i use same web.config file for two web appliction?
by SperglordActual in Programming Languages

I have two web application. Their folder hierarchy in server is like that.
first one is : .../firstapplitaion
second is : .../firstapplication/secondapplication/Default.aspx

At first can i run them with just firstapplication's web.config file? secondapplication's web config hasnt any special things.

Thanks for your helps..

Can J2EE web appliction be hosted on IIS
by deom2i in Programming Languages

can we host a j2ee web application on IIS 5.1 server on windows xp

Getting text file and is shiped with appliction
by dawp in Programming Languages

I have a file that I store some site links. Until now I used:

string path = Environment.CurrentDirectory + "/forumlinks.txt";

But I want to store the file in the release folder so I can change it and I know it will change permanently for the user.

So I changed to this:

string path = Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetExecutingAssemb

Login to ASP.net appliction via Google account
by Jesse McDowell in ASP & ASP.net

My client has a request that he wants to login to ASP.net web application via Google account. As I have never done something like that I have some concerns.

What bothers me is that he wants to add roles (administrator, user) to specific accounts and this puzzles me because I'm not sure how to connect Google account data with my database. I assume that I won't be able to get the pas

Problem in my appliction, can't understand what does the error message says
by glenn1 in Programming Languages

My android application has both Java code and c++ code in it.

While testing on 2.1 simulator my logcat shows this error.

INFO/DEBUG(28): Build fingerprint: 'generic/sdk/generic/:2.1-update1/ECLAIR/35983:eng/test-keys'

I'm pretty sure this error is related to c code

Can anybody tell me what does this error means? When it occurs?

Android Appliction Library Project Wheres the Jar?
by Copter in Development Tools & Services

I just created android library project, marked as library but bin does not have jar files of the java classes. Looked thru the project properties, don't see where you set for compilation build to output a jar file? I want the jar to auto create every time project is built.

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