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Archiving someone elses app for them?
by Brazen in Mobile Programming

So a buddy asked me to fix an app for him. Which I did.

I log into his developer account and download the certificate and provisioning profile.

In organizer ==> "Valid signing identity not found"

I have never worked on someone else's app before they have always been mine. So can I sign and upload this to itunes for him? If I have the cert and provisioning

Ant archiving subfolders
by LukeG in Web Design

I have next trouble. I have one folder("FirstFolder") and 3 subfolders("1", "2", "3"). I want to archive this folders in next - 1.acp, 2.acp, 3.acp and placed in other folder. It's important - I do not know what are called sub-folders and their number!!! I don't found solutions for this and write simple ant task-

<target name="start">
<foreach target="zipAcp" para

Archiving a Database
by sql-server in Programming Languages

I'm trying to archive parts of our database. Some of these tables have complex relationships to other tables (many to many relationships, relationships to tables that then have relationships to other tables). What we had done for a while is use scripts to move data from the table to an archive table (just tableName to tableName_archive). The scripts got too complicated and every time we add

Archiving data in SQL
by Mario Tristan in Databases

Need some advice on how best to approach this. Basically we have a few tables in our database along with archive versions of those tables for deleted data (e.g. Booking and Booking_archive). The table structure in both these tables is exactly the same, except for two extra columns in the archive table: DateDeleted and DeletedBy.

I have removed these archive tables, and just added th

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What Is Document Archiving?
by DeadFred in Business
Document archiving is the storage of documentation that is no longer in active use but organizations need to keep this documentation as a type of historical record. Typically, organizations and businesses archive documents, but individuals also may archive documentation for various reasons. A series of considerations and methods associate with document archiving. In some cases, an organization wil

error with archiving
by albenik in Mobile Programming

I haven't experience with xcode and I'm trying to publish my first app. I created the app id and the distribution profile and set up the bundle identifier as the same as the distribution profile. I have also changed the code sign identity to iPhone Distribution, but when i click archive or run it say "build failed" and this is the error:

arm-apple-darwin10-llvm-gcc-4.2: /Users/my

FTP Archiving/Versions
by Mpalle in Programming Languages

Is it possible to add a command to FTP that creates a copy of the file being uploaded for backup purposes? I am trying to create some sort of Version Control System, but I don't want to have the user be limited to a browser-based upload system or to a specific FTP client.

It would be awesome if FTP had a way to run a PHP script on upload, which would have all of the version control

Archiving Theory
by Ben Kohn in Databases

I am about to set up a new database that will need to include archiving of records that are still accessible. Records are all associated with certain projects and when the project is archived, I want the records to stay the same, a snapshot. (e.g. If a contact is associated with an archived project, and they move a year later, I want it to still pull the old address.) The archived records do

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Data Archiving [Design]
by Valentine in Programming Languages

I am developing an archive module for an application using Dotnet and SQL Server as back end. From multiple approaches of archiving we've decided to build a custom application to archive the complete database up-to a chosen threshold to another mirrored database and then removing the archived items from source DB. This has to be done from a custom application and not from a Linked Server, job,

Is There an Archiving Library Without Dependencies? (C/C++)
by niswilsonnissen in Programming Languages

Hey, I'm looking for an archiving library that functions like GNU's tar, but without any dependencies. I need some sort of archiving format to manage resources in my game engine and am still iffy about rolling my own.

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