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Can I use an java.awt.geom.Area object to find the area of overlapping polygons?
Category : Java

I'm trying to find the area of overlap between two arbitrary polygons. So far I have something like this:

Polygon polyA = new Polygon(xcoords1, ycoords1, N);
Polygon polyB = new Polygon(xcoords2, ycoords2, M);
Area area1 = new Area(polyA);
Area area2 = new Area(polyB);

Now that I have the intersect between the two

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Linux Terminal emulator with separate input area and output area?
Category : Network & Servers

I am looking for any terminal emulator (if any out there), which will have 2 separate areas for input commands and output area.

Terminal Emulator

more output
more output still...
blah blahh
blaahh blah
>input here

I tried to se

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CSS Rollovers: how to maintain “hit area” size when hidden image is larger than anchor area
Category : Web Design

I have a small problem and I don't think what I want to do can be achieved with just pure CSS, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Basically, I have one DIV which contains a hyperlinked element that is smaller in size to it's parent DIV. So in effect I have a square within a square with the inner square being the "hit area". When I mouse over this inner square I want the background of the

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I need area plot with treshold changing area background color
Category : Programming Languages

I am looking for option in jqplot (or another free js chart library) to show normal 2d area plot (line plot with background filled under the line) but with some treshold (for example y = 2) above which plot changes its background color.

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select area by dragging mouse and register all elements in the area
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to achieve this kind of functionality on a web page:

Select square area by dragging the mouse
Pick all the elements that are in the selected area
Process them

=> So I basically want to create something like "photoshop square selection tool" that would get all the HTML elements that are in the selected area... IS this even possible somehow? Any of you done

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How to Determine the Area of a Circle by the Area of a Square Inscribed Inside of It
Category : Education
A square is defined as inscribed in a circle when it is contained completely inside that circle and the square's four corners are also points on the circle's circumference. The properties of the square then become interrelated with the circle's properties. The square's diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, and the circular constant π or pi, which is infinite and begins 3.142

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How to specify default Area without adding area = “” to every ActionLink
Category : Programming Languages

I have a large existing application built on ASP.NET MVC2 RC2.

All of my links look like this: htp//site/controller/action/id

I just added an Area called: BigBird.

Now when I'm in the BigBird area, all of my links look like this: htp://site/BigBird/controller/action/id

Problem is that none of those controllers/actions exist in my new Area. So I

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Change href link with map area when hover the area (jQuery)
Category : Programming Languages

In simple words... ;-)

I have a href list with store names and a plan of it.
I can hover the names and the corresponding store lights up in the plan. Also hovering the plan the store light up... So far...so good...

What I can't figure out:

I like to set the href store name in the list in bold when hovering the store on the plan.

A little code

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jquery on toggle content area moves below shown area
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm trying to replicate the facebook mobile website where you click a menu button and the left menu appears. The issue I'm having is that I want my width of my content area to be 100 percent, but when the hidden menu shows the 100 percent content area drops below the menu.

Here's the js fiddle: jsfiddle
Code is shown below.

Thanks in advance for any responses

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How do I configure one menu per area in .Net MVC and other area-specific variables for the layout
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on a rather large application in .Net MVC 4, where I have one master menu to navigate through the areas and one submenu to navigate through components of one area.

Obviously this submenu is different per area, and currently I've "solved" this using the Viewbag.

I have one master controller with some abstract methods:

public abstract class Base

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