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ASP.NET with Delphi 2007 for .NET. Could not load file or assembly … The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly refere
by Edwin Goei in Programming Languages

This one’s a head scratcher. Here’s the deal.

While deploying a beta copy of an ASP.NET application built with Delphi 2007 for .NET to a test server I encountered an odd problem. The application was unable to start because it could not load the correct version of an ADO.NET data provider that I was using.

Only by including a version of the old assembly in the bin di

Assembly.Load(Byte[]) and Assembly.Location/Assembly.Codebase
by Stone in Programming Languages

I'm trying to load an assembly without locking the file. These assemblies could be third party assemblies so we don't necessarily have access to the code and one or two of them make use of Assembly.Location to read files from their directory, files they might depend on.

I'm aware you can do this via Shadow Copying but it's a real pain getting it to work properly and several users o

maven works with assembly:assembly but fails with assembly:single
by Pure Pandemonium in Programming Languages

I have a maven project that is packed successfully using mvn assembly:assembly command, however I saw that this goal is deprecated so I tried to use mvn assembly:singe as suggested, but now I'm getting the following error:

[WARNING] Missing POM for jarfile...

[WARNING] [DEPRECATION] moduleSet/binaries section detected in root-project assembly.

"jarfile" is a

More information wanted on error: CREATE ASSEMBLY for assembly failed because assembly failed verification
by Ivan Maček in Databases

I have a small application that uses SQL Server 2005 Express with CLR stored procedures. It has been successfully installed and runs on many computers running XP and Vista.

To create the assembly the following SQL is executed (names changed to protect the innocent):
CREATE ASSEMBLY myAssemblyName FROM 'c:pathtoAssemblymyAssembly.dll'

On one computer (a test machin

Failure adding assembly to the cache: Invalid file or assembly name. The name of the file must be the name of the assembly plus .dll or .exe?
by dfrolov in Programming Languages

I am trying to add in the Facebook SDK binaries but I keep getting this error. The file is Facebook.Main.dll and gacutil does not let me add it. I already generated a KEYS file.

.NET assembly binding, can I map an assembly to a version in another assembly?
by jwright30 in Programming Languages

Good Morning,
Is it possible to map assembly requests to the version within another assembly? For instance our product uses NHibernate 3.2. We are moving to NServiceBus 3.2.2. For DBSubscription storage it uses NHibernate and it's baked in version of NHibernate which is 3.3 in NServiceBus.NHibernate.

How can I map requests for NHibernate to NServiceBus.NHibernate whi

Assembly generation failed - Referenced assembly does not have a strong name. Why doesn't other solutions work?
by asp.net in Programming Languages

This is a classic problem, which has numerous solutions described. However, none of them seem to work for me.

I am using the Report.NET library in a SharePoint solution. Adding the Reports.dll as a reference and compiling results in the error message "Assembly generation failed - Referenced assembly 'Reports' does not have a strong name." My project, however, has a key.snk linked in

How does reflector show types when Assembly.GetTypes() fails due to a missing referenced assembly
by Matthew in Programming Languages

I have a broken Assembly that I want to reflect over, its not broken badly, it just cannot find a referenced assembly, so it does fail a PEVerify. But....Assembly.LoadFrom() will still load it and GetTypes() will throw a ReflectionTypeLoadException, the .LoaderExceptions array shows me what referenced assembly cannot be found. At this point I am roadblocked.

However, the great littl

Could not load file or assembly 'applicationname' or one of its dependencies. THe module was expected to contain an assembly manifest
by skimple in Programming Languages

We made a .net application which ran smoothly but when we tried to execute the .exe on another machine encountered the error

The application was unable to start correctly(oxcOOOOO7b)

We tried to rebuild the solution in visual studio 2010 but encountered the error

Could not load file or assembly 'crawler' or one of its dependencies. The module

c# - can you make a “weak” assembly reference to a strong named assembly
by Dean in Programming Languages

For various reasons i would rather not use strong named (signed) assemblies in my project. however, one of the projects is referenced by a sharepoint web part which means it must be signed.

is it possible to have this assembly signed but when I reference it from other projects, to do so using a non-strong reference. this would give me the advantages of having a non-signed assembly f


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