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How to retrieve sqlite with select statement and assign to vector then assign to a string
by goffi in Programming Languages

The following is what I had tried on getting vector pushback and what I lack of now is to assign it to a string:

#include <iostream>
#include <sqlite3.h>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;
int main()
sqlite3 *db;
sqlite3_stmt * stmt;
std::vector< std::vector < std:: string > > result;

Local variable assign versus direct assign; properties and memory
by Miklebud in Programming Languages

In objective-c I see a lot of sample code where the author assigns a local variable, assigns it to a property, then releases the local variable. Is there a practical reason for doing this? I've been just assigning directly to the property for the most part. Would that cause a memory leak in any way? I guess I'd like to know if there's any difference between this:

HomeScreenBtns *

Assign on declaration or assign in the constrctor?
by George in Programming Languages

is there a diffrence between this :

public class A {
B b;
A() {
b=new B();

and this :

public class A {
B b=new B();
A() {

if there is, what is it? and what is better practice?
if there is no, whats recommanded?

How to assign /dev/fbX?
by Matt Croydon in Operating Systems

I would like to assign /dev/fbX device like below.
/dev/fb0 for USB-LCD device.
/dev/fb1 for Main Display device.
I try that.
ver.1:created /etc/udev/rules.d/91-udev-fb.rules

KERNEL=="fb0", ATTR{name}=="VESA VGA", ACTION=="add", NAME="fd1"
KERNEL=="fb1", ATTR{name}=="I-O DATA USB-RG", ACTION=="add", NAME="fd0"

ls /dev shown a /dev/

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PHP assign value to $this
by DesiPower in Development Tools & Services

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is to make the object reference another object of the same class - from inside of a method. It'd be perfect if the following would work:

$this = new self;

But one cannot reassign $this in php.

I of course know, I can return another object from the method and use that, so please do not advise that.

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How to assign value to id?
by neosephiroth86 in Web Design

I have one string name as id in my .aspx.cs page and one javaScript function SetValue(val) on .aspx page in which I have to assign val to that id. How will I do this in java script fuction SetVal(val)?

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assign Pk and FK
by CyberGreg in Databases

I’m building employee database, emp_person table (first name, nationality, gender,….etc information) and emp_contract table (hiredate, contract type, salary…) . I was wondering where to assign the primary key , which Is the best practice ?

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Can I assign the value like this?
by Thomas Plunkett in Programming Languages
Exactly I ned to do something like this is this possible?
var Controller = null;
if (Model.ID== "ABC")
Controller = "Name";
Controller = "Detail";
<% using (Html.BeginForm("edit", Controller, FormMethod.Post, new { @id="exc-" + Model.SID}))

C# Assign a variable that has a certain name
by z1ggy in Programming Languages

I want to slap a simple class together to pick out QueryString variables from an HTTP request that gets sent to my application. The variables are not always in the same order, but they're always there. I want to assign the variables in my class the values of the corresponding variables from the request, but I have no idea how to do this.

Code snippets:

MyHTTPRequest a

How can I assign a name to the SUM column?
by Philippines in Databases

how can I assign a column name to the SUM column ?


select OwnerUserId, SUM(PostScore)
INTO Experts
from ...

I get this error:

An object or column name is missing or
empty. For SELECT INTO statements,
verify each column has a name. For
other statements, look for empty alias
names. Aliases de

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