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How to add attributes to Magento CSV Order Export (Payment Transaction ID, Brand & Custom Attributes )
by crazy2383 in Programming Languages

I am using simple order export from Magento Connect and I have to add a few attributes to the following code. I looked in the magento database tables and found that the ones I need are cc_last4, last_trans_id and brands (brands is a dropdown attribute I created)

I know how to add my headers to the csv file, but I cant get the data to populate on the csv under those columns. any help

Magento: Configurable Product Attributes On Category Page - Only show in stock attributes
by Bobblegate in Programming Languages

I'm using this code on list.phtml to allow customers to select product attributes (size) on the category page and add directly to the cart from there.

<?php if($_product->getTypeId() == "configurable"): ?>
<?php $attValConfig = $_product->getTypeInstance()->getConfigurableAttributesAsArray(); ?>
<?php if(sizeof($attValConfig)): ?>

Rails - Specifying attributes in form view / dynamically building nested attributes
by seventy6 in Programming Languages

I currently have a Customer form that accepts_nested_attributes_for Features. These features could be any number of things, but to keep this simple, we will assume they are First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth (i'm aware of the issues with this being EAV - if you have comments on this, please see my other question on the subject).

In my controller, I have:


Add finding attribute by name in Opencart Admin panel: Catalog - Attributes - Attributes
by raghu78 in Web Design

How to implement Attribute to find his own name in the admin area in Opencart : Products - Attributes - Attributes? Is that there is a separate field and simply by driving into the field and displays the name of the attribute is an attribute, as usual searching for items in the admin by name, but only with attribute

“Can't mass-assign protected attributes” with nested attributes
by PenguinPower in Programming Languages

I've seen other questions with this problem, but so far the answers haven't worked for me. I'm trying to have a form that registers a User, and creates an Organization at the same time. The User and Organization are associated via an assignment table.

Here is my form:

= form_for(resource, :as => resource_name, :url => registration_path(resource_name)) do |f|

How do I return an array of attributes defined via a Rails model method, as well as the attributes in the database table?
by uo7 in Databases

I have a Rails model called Person which has database table columns for first_name and last_name. I've also defined a full_name method to return the combined first_name and last_name of the instance.

Is there a way to return an array, hash, or object which has first_name, last_name, as well as full_name?

Here's the code I have:

class Perso

Latex code for adjusting attributes of hline (color, dashed), and/or attributes of vertical lines in table
by DSLer in Programming Languages

I want to color hline, e.g.:


or something.

Below is a feeble attempt which fails. I put textcolor gray around {|} to try and make it gray. Ideally, I want it gray and dashed. Also note textcolor gray around the {hline} tag. Any help would be appreciated using latex syntax.

Form is creating already loaded attributes in addition to new attributes, how do I ignore the first?
by brtyler in Programming Languages

In my application you:

Have an admin user that signs on and that user has a role (separate model), then I use the declarative_authorization plugin to give access to certain areas.

That admin user can also register new users in the system, when they do this (using Authlogic) they fill out a nested form that includes that new users' role.

So what is happening

How to dynamically retrive the all the possible attributes (variable attributes) values of one of the xml node?
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I am using the following XML structure

<SERVER NAME="A3" ID="3" Parent="XYZ"></SERVER>
<SERVER NAME="A5" Parent="abc" value="10"></SERVER>

JQuery - clone element and change attributes for multiple attributes
by Poland in Web Design

I have several elements like this:

<div class="image_insert clearfix">
<label for="userfile3">Image 3</label>
<input type="file" name="userfile3" id="userfile3">
<label for="slika_naziv_eng3">Image Title</label>
<input type="text" name="slika_naziv_eng3" id="slika_naziv_eng3"/>

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