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beforeSend does not add authorization header to my jquery ajax call (basic authorization)
Category : Web Design

I have been trying to make an $ajax() call to a rest service. I need to use basic authentication to make this call, so i added the beforeSend handler to my ajax call. When I trace this in Fiddler, I dont see it attaching the authorization header to my request.

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Dynamic Role Authorization in Rails using a database. Declarative Authorization the best choice?
Category : Databases

I will need to provide dynamic role assignments (Roles/ Privileges) .More clearly, an end user should be able to create a role, assign permissions to a new user. So I was thinking of storing roles and privileges in a table for each user.

Is there a smart way to do this (any other plugin?),or or should I write code to do this with Declarative Authorization . Some light would help.T

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Declarative Authorization - Catch “Authorization::NotAuthorized” Exception
Category : Programming Languages

I'm currently using Declarative Authorization on my application, and trying to catch Exceptions from type Authorization::NotAuthorized.

I have an Entity that has a category. Depending on the role a user can create a new category when creating this entity. At my :before_validation callback I assign the category and want to be able to catch the authorization exception in case he doesn

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Liferay authentication and authorization (Siteminder and Custom Tomcat Authorization)
Category : Programming Languages

I am new to liferay portal. I am afraid, the questions being raised might be simple, but I am not aware. Please clarify.

We are trying to build a Portal using Liferay on Tomcat. This Portal should be authenticated by Netegrity SiteMinder and we have our internal authorization mechanism which is built on tomcat security . I have questions on two areas which I have listed below

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Authorization header in Ruby on Rails accessed with key HTTP_AUTHORIZATION instead of Authorization?
Category : Network & Servers

I'm hoping someone can clear something up for me. I'm using Rails 2.3.5, and I can access request headers in a controller action like this:

def index
if request.headers['...'] == '...'

Or something similar. request.headers is an instance of ActionController::Http::Headers which appears to be a Hash. I would expect, ther

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Facebook Authorization on Rails app: why do we need to do Both server and client side authorization?
Category : Development Tools & Services

In Ryan's Railscast on Facebook authorization, he adds some Facebook SDK javascript at the end to "degrade facebook client side authorization with server side authorization." However, I do not see the use of it. If we already set up the authorization from the server side using omniauth, why do we have to add the client-side authorization again? What difference does it make?

The refe

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HTTP Spec: Proxy-Authorization and Authorization headers
Category : Development Tools & Services

So I'm trying to implement the following scenario:

An application is protected by Basic Authentication. Let's say it is hosted on app.com
An HTTP proxy, in front of the application, requires authentication as well. It is hosted on proxy.com

The user must therefore provide credentials for both the proxy and the application in the same request, thus

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Difference between authorization scheme and authorization model
Category : Programming Languages

A quick and (hopefully simple) question. What is the difference between authorization scheme and authorization model?

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Authorization using Web.config Vs Manual Authorization
Category : Programming Languages

Once the user is authenticated, I fetch the User information from the Database and saves it in Session.

Now, In order to validate the user to authorize for a particular page, Enumeration is present for Roles/Pages. Finally I compares it with the Session data for indivisual page. As, directories can be nested, So, I personally feel that it is a flexible app

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<authorization> tag in ASP.net
Category : Programming Languages

I wish to block access to all non registered users,

So, wouldnt the following work?

<deny users="?" />

But, I have seen many users using the <allow> tag as well with the deny, tag. Why we need to write <allow> since we just deny the unwanted us

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