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How to auto redirect user having Auto-Login cookie, using Auto-Login component in CakePHP 2x?
Category : Programming Languages

I am using CakePHP 2x with Auto-Login component. The problem is, I can write the stuff but, I am not sure how to implement it to read and authorize. When user arrives at the page, he still has the cookie in his browser but, how do I authorize it?

My Login script:

public function login() {
if ($this->Auth->user('id')) {

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How to auto-resize NSWindow based on auto layout contentView's minimum size
Category : Development Tools & Services

At the moment the behaviour of my app allows me to called this extra function I wrote that hacks resizes the window to fittingSize.

- (void)fitToMinimumSize
NSRect frame = [self frame];
frame.size = [[self contentView] fittingSize];
int originalHeight = [self frame].size.height;
int diff = originalHeight - frame.size.height;

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How to make Xcode auto-complete act like bash auto-completes file names
Category : Network & Servers

If I type UITa, then it might show an autocompletion of UITableViewDataSource. So I press enter and that's what I get. But what I wanted was UITableViewDelegate. If this was when we input the file name in the command line of bash, then it would have auto-completed up to UITableViewD, and then I would have to enter a to get an auto

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Compiler Issue with auto? Error: in a declarator-list 'auto' must always deduce to the same type
Category : Programming Languages
std::vector<int> vec;
auto i = vec.begin(), j = std::next(i);

Error: in a declarator-list 'auto' must always deduce to the same type

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Auto generate business objects from entity framework plus auto mapping
Category : Programming Languages

For a large project with hundreds of tables, is there a way to automatically generate the business objects based on the .edmx file rather than to create them manually one by one?

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How to make an auto-filled and auto-incrementing field in django admin
Category : Programming Languages

[Update: Changed question title to be more specific]

Sorry if I didn't make the question very well, I can't figure how to do this:

class WhatEver():
number = model.IntegerField('Just a Field', default=callablefunction)

Where callablefunction does this query:

from myproject.app.models import WhatEver
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how to auto number ( auto increment ) guid field in mysql database
Category : Databases

In sql-server there is function to auto-increment guid fields.


how can I do the same thing in Mysql?
I'm new in database programing.
I want to create primary key field 16byte auto-incremented.

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Dynamically auto-capitalize, auto-correct, or password field in an EditText
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to programmatically enable or disable auto-capitalization, auto-correction or password-field (showing bullets) in an EditText. This means NOT from XML.

I would also like to avoid TextWatcher solutions, and more focus on InputFilter or some other solution.

Manipulating the EditText as an Editable allows the attachment of InputFilters, however I was unable to

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Google maps like auto-complete or auto-suggest API for postal addresses
Category : Programming Languages

I'm part of a project that requires auto-complete or auto-suggest feature for postal addresses (something similar to what google maps has). As the user starts to type in the number and then the street google starts to suggest valid options. I would like to know if there is an api (even commercial) available in the market.

Note: I'm not looking for an address validation API.

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North Carolina Auto Statute of Limitations on Auto Loans
Category : Personal Finance
North Carolina has some of the most consumer-friendly debt collection laws in the country. Auto loan contracts are classed as written contracts and have a statute of limitations of three years. As long as the statute of limitations has not run out, creditors are permitted to take action to collect unpaid auto loans. However, certain circumstances will cause the clock on the statute of limitations

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