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How to automatically run “/bin/bash --login” automatically in the embeded terminal of gedit on ubuntu 10.04?
by foghorn67 in Ubuntu

Background: I updated RVM to latest version and .rvmrc so that I can direct rVM to use the project specific gemset. But it now requires that the bash shell be a login shell. So I did that via the Edit |preference of the Terminal of ubuntu. That works perfectly fine.

However, the embedded terminal of gedit is still not "run command as login shell". But I can remedy that problem by

How do you automatically refresh part of a page automatically using AJAX?
by kaktos in Web Design
$messages = $db->query("SELECT * FROM chatmessages ORDER BY datetime DESC, displayorderid DESC LIMIT 0,10");
while($message = $db->fetch_array($messages)) {
$oldmessages[] = $message['message'];
$oldmessages = array_reverse($oldmessages);
<div id="chat">
for ($count = 0; $count < 9; $count++) {
echo $oldmess

How to Automatically adjust width in CSS so horizontal scrollbars would adjust automatically without taking so much space?
by rodvand in Web Design

I'm looking for a way to adjust width of a list inside a container (500px, 200px) automatically. What I want to achieve is something like this

But the problem with it is that you need to set the width of the list so that horizontal scrollbars would appear. Is there a work around for it so that the scrollbars would only take enough space?

how to automatically upload a file in another website from my own website such as uploading and sending file gmail from another web app automatically?
by Tone in Programming Languages

Hi can someone tell me how to upload a file in this website http://hexserver.loria.fr from my web app ?

The thing is that you can see in the front page of the website there are two options for submitting molecules from my computer and then do docking...

So if I want to write such a script that will automatically upload the files in this website and then docking. the file

How to Set a Mac to Log out Automatically
by Seattle in Computers
Keep your Mac password protected and safe from prying eyes when your computer is idle. You can easily set up your Mac OS X computer to automatically log-off after a predetermined period of time.Difficulty:EasyInstructions In the Mac OS X Finder or Desktop, select the Apple Menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Select "System Preferences" and release your mouse/trackpad to launch th
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How Do I Get an ACP to Run Automatically?
by NoCreativity in Computers
The Windows programs that start automatically each time you boot are controlled using the Windows registry. To cause the ACP program to boot automatically, you add a registry value to the Windows registry, which tells the system to always start the program after a reboot. System administrators use this feature to ensure that important company software always starts on the user's computer.Difficult
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How to Log on Automatically
by YooperDave in Computers
Logging on to your account on a Windows computer sometimes requires you to enter a password. This security feature prevents malicious individuals from having instant access to your computer after it is turned on. If you do not want to use a password, you must change the account settings to allow automatic login. The automatic login feature allows you to skip the procedure and go directly to the de
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Automatically trimming an mp3 in PHP
by eataix in PHP

Are there any ways to automatically trim an MP3 uploaded to a website to 30 seconds (or some other length) in PHP? If not, is there any good 3rd party services that could be integrated (transparently to the user) to achieve the same effect?


How to Automatically Backup XP
by Mihai Mocanu in Computers
Windows XP has built-in tools to backup the system. The available programs offer two levels of protection, one that's on the hard drive and provides easy restoration of the whole system and the other can be used to backup to another location. System RestoreSystem Restore is turned on by default, and uses a small percentage of the system drive to take periodic backups. These backups are used to

How to Automatically Log Into XP at Startup
by Vasiliy in Computers
When you have multiple users on a single computer, setting up user accounts allows the users to adjust different settings and keep their files separate. When Windows XP starts up, a log in screen first appears before the desktop loads. This can be beneficial for multiple users, but if you have a default account or are the only user, this can seem a nuisance. You can easily change this behavior and

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