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Need to store 128 *bit* Primary Key: Should I use SQL Azure or Azure Table? Or Just use a linked list in Azure Blob
by nonkelhans in Development Tools & Services

I need to store a large (128-bit) PK. Each int will have some corresponding columns... no schema is defined now... and I want the schema flexible in the future. (I only need conservative flexibility eg adding new columns from time to time)

At this point I'm not too concerned with the ability to do joins and such. I mostly want to pick a random PK and search up or down to the next

Azure, MVC web app architecture - how to split data between SQL Azure and Azure Table Storage?
by walshtp in Web Design

I am in the planning phase of the typical social network type of a web application. It will have profiles, messages, instant chat, albums, groups, virtual presents, etc...

What are the deciding factors that determine what data should be stored in the SQL Azure and what data should be stored in the Table Storage?

Before the Azure all relational data would be stored in the

Azure Cloud Domain Controller servicing mobile desktops with Azure Connect?
by Sankarsan Bose in Development Tools & Services

Given the recent updates to Windows Azure I am wondering if it is possible to create a domain controller and file server on Azure, then connect 10 to 20 remote workers using Azure Connect to this "virtual office".

My primary interest is whether or not a domain controller can exist in the cloud and service desktops with Active Directory as they roam. This would eliminate the need for

Azure Caching issue(some setting on Azure account and web.config file for Sessions)
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Programming Languages

I have a problem about web.config file which is exist on MVC3 Cloud project.

As you know for using Sessions on Cloud you need to create name space on Azure account Caching side. And get some custom settings for web.config data from azure and copy them in your project.

Till here everything works fine. But if add some additional line in my web.config file like this.

How to migrate existing ASP.NET MVC 3 Project with .MDF file (Sql 2008) to Windows Azure Emulator (using SQL Azure)
by Elcs in ASP & ASP.net

I have existing project in Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET MVC 3 with existing database using .mdf (SQL 2008 Express). After doing some googling, I got confused because there are so much resources. Could you help me pointed me out the straightforward tutorial link?

In Visual Studio, can I deploy C# to my own Azure Virtual Machines rather than Azure Worker Roles?
by unfool in C & C++ & C#

In many of the Visual Studio demos, you can deploy a background worker role program (like a Console app or something) to Azure. Do you know if it's possible to direct those worker role deployments to an Azure Virtual Machine I'm running instead?

Many thanks

Azure SDK + Django + Visual Studio 2012 - Publish to Azure succeeds, but I get 500 error
by Enar in Web Design

I followed the instructions here:

However, whenever I try to open the url to my web app in the cloud I get a 500 error.

The tutorial doesn't mention setting up the TEMPLATE_DIRS setting in the django application or doing any work on the cloud service machine to install python/djang

Dynamic Database / Schema in Entity framework on Windows Azure / SQL Azure
by tedrodai in Programming Languages

We are currently in process of developing SAAS application codename FinAcuity which will be hosted on Windows Azure platform and primary database will be SQL Azure.

Here are some Technical Specifications for our product:

Development Environment - Asp.Net 4.0 with MVC 3 (Razor), Entity Framework
Database - SQL Azure

Here is our Business Case:

Our produc

Can I mount an Azure Storage account to my Azure Website as a drive letter?
by Ian McKellar in Web Design

I have a PHP application that I cannot modify, and part of this application accepts uploads from the end-user. I don't want to store those uploads (which could be large) to my Azure Website storage allocation, so I would rather direct them to an Azure Storage account. Is there some way to mount an Azure Storage account to my Website as a simple drive letter so I can save files to it that way?

How integrate active directory and sql azure for authenticating users to access the application running on azure
by Traveling around the world in Databases

I want to integrate on-premise active directory and sql azure for authenticating users to access the application running on azure.

some users are in active directory and some in sql azure database.
What i require is , when user access the application it must ask for credentials like user name and password.
Now this authentication is done using on premise active directory a


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