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Do I have to reassign a partial view's data back to the model when POSTing back to my controller?
by baylisscg in Programming Languages

Newbie ASP.NET MVC question:

I have the following model:

public class Customer
public string FirstName { get; set; }
public string LastName { get; set; }
public Address Address { get; set; }

And the following view for customer:

<% using (Html.BeginForm()) { %>
First Name: <%=Html.TextBo

Obtain a flip,“back to back” animation for activity transition
by Henrique in Programming Languages

I have 2 activities, I want the user thinks that they are back to back, like classic secret rotating walls in some old films: when user switches to second activity first one rotates from right to left, showing the back which is the second activity.

I'm really not good with animations, this is the first one I try..I made this xml file in res/anim:

Rotation 1:

How to give back fetch data back to client application once it re-open in WCF service
by Icyflash in Web Design

If application close before it gets data from WCF Duplex service I am planning to serialize that message and keep in WCF service hosted server. Once the application is re-open I want to notify the user that there is one message waiting. How can I achieve this?.

As I know once application is closed service will unsubscribe the user. So do i need DB mechanism to achieve this?

EditText return back previously input data after pressed back button
by deom2i in Programming Languages

I have an application login system type of application.
Once the user pressed back button after login, the username and password EditText are filled with what the user enter just now. Is there any way to clear the EditText to empty? Sorry that if I make this sounds confusing. Any comment will be appreciated!

Backbone.js - Back button (window.history.back) with label of the previous page
by Ph33zy in Web Design

I'd like to display a back button with a label related to the previous page (a title or something like this) which will be called on the click event. I currently use the window.history.back() function on the event but how could I get the label ?

Changing Option Menu after pressing Back button when using Fragments and back stack?
by redha in Programming Languages

I am using one single activity where I replace a fragment with another when the user select an menu item from the options menu.

I have implemented the back stack using addToBackStack() and onBackPressed().

Everything works fine, except that when a user pressed the Back button, the fragment is replaced but the Options menu is showing the previou

Force page to load even when landing by navigating back (by back-button)
by Matthiasa in Programming Languages

I'm quite desperate due to the following issue:
How the hell :-) .. can I force my page to be reloaded everytime so lands on it?
I have a input which is automatically filled with text from localStorage if this value is set. And I have links on my page to other pages. So (just an example) maybe the user clicks on pagexyz.com and then decides to navigate back to my site by clicking the

In Mercurial, what is the exact step that Peter or me has to do so that he gets back the rolled back version?
by Skurge in Web Design

The short question is: if I hg rollback, how does Peter get my rolled back version if he cloned from me? What are the exact steps he or me has to do or type?

This is related to In Mercurial, when Peter "hg clone" me, and I commit and he pull and update, he gets my version, but not when I rollback?

The details:

After the following steps

How do I Prevent Water in the Basement when the Back Yard Slopes Toward the Back of the House?
by danielsdesk in Home & Garden
Put in a French drain to keep a downward-sloping yard from flooding the basement. This is a simple solution to drainage problems, consisting primarily of sweat equity, gravel and a perforated pipe (aka French drain pipe). A French drain is a trench that captures surface and subsurface water and re-routes it.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Rounded, washed g

Inside what the TexBox value is posted back? ViewState or post back data?
by NesuD in Web Design

In one article I was reading on ViewState, I saw a sentence saying that I should not fall into a mistake to believe that the value of a TextBox is stored in ViewState; it is stored in PostBack data.

From here what I understand is when I post back a web form, the input controls values are stored in HTTP Request body. Not in the Viewstate. But as far as I know ViewState values are sto

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