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Barchart 3d in iphone
by Edo in Operating Systems

How to draw 3d barcharts with ECGraph? I am able to draw in 2d but I want in 3d.

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Creating barchart in android
by Ka0t1x in Android

Has any one met this issue.Right now i am trying to show a bar-chart in android,but i am getting the x and y axis values from the web service by consuming it.I am consuming it by the method SOAP.Here i am getting this issues,can anyone tell me how to overcome this issue?


09-17 10:18:09.651: W/KeyCharacterMap(339): No keyboard for id 0
09-17 10:18:09.651: W

Flex barChart and XML Data
by Apejoy in Programming Languages
<ProjectName>Alcoswitch - ToggleSwitches
Transverse Wedge</ProjectName>
TAGS : Flex barChart Data

Barchart wth Annotations in Flex
by Traveling around the world in Programming Languages

I had developed BarCharts with annotations. Each bar is a one bar chart(displaying in attached jpeg). But i need total in one barchart with 4 bar series and annotations like a black line displaying in the middle (like,as shown in attached jpeg )

Please refer the below link.
Data is comming from the server and need plot in

Javafx BarChart color
by codelurker in Programming Languages

How can you change the color of a bar in a JavaFX BarChart.

I couldnt find a way to change the color through the css setStyle Method.

add labels to lattice barchart
by Chook2330 in Programming Languages

I would like to place the value for each bar in barchart (lattice) at the top of each bar. However, I cannot find any option with which I can achieve this. I can only find options for the axis.

How to display BarChart and PieChart in Same page (JSF)?
by ruby-on-rails in Programming Languages

I have two graphs , BarCharts and PieCahrts both are under (JFreeChart) , is this possible to display two charts in jsf page , while Jfreechart is an array type , for 0 - BarChart and 1 - Piechart , but it displaying only Piechart ..

Thanks in Advance ,

We tried looking for examples combining a bar chart and a pie chart, could not find one. However, we were a

How to hide grid lines in barchart?
by Kneedragger in Development Tools & Services

I am creating a JR report with an bar chart.

Everything shows up fine but I am not able to hide the gridlines on the chart.

I am using JFreeChart 1.0.12 and JasperReports 4.6



How to remove column number from p:barChart
by dormsbee in Web Design

I am using primefaces p:barChart which is a part of the jqplot api.

I want to remove the column number (the lest number 1 ) from the jqplot-highlighter-tooltip()
I assume the answer is in one of the options in the following
http://www.jqplot.com/docs/files/jqPlotOptions-txt.html but I didn't find the correct one

Can someone can please point me to the relevant

primefaces barChart costum x-axes
by Thomas in Programming Languages

I have p:barchart graph in my application similar to the second barchart on the showCase:

<p:barChart id="horizontal" value="#{chartBean.categoryModel}" legendPosition="se" style="height:300px"
title="Horizontal Bar Chart" orientation="horizontal" min="0" max="200"/>

how can I cu

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