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Barchart 3d in iphone
Category : Operating Systems

How to draw 3d barcharts with ECGraph? I am able to draw in 2d but I want in 3d.

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Javafx BarChart color
Category : Programming Languages

How can you change the color of a bar in a JavaFX BarChart.

I couldnt find a way to change the color through the css setStyle Method.

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add labels to lattice barchart
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to place the value for each bar in barchart (lattice) at the top of each bar. However, I cannot find any option with which I can achieve this. I can only find options for the axis.

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Creating barchart in android
Category : Android

Has any one met this issue.Right now i am trying to show a bar-chart in android,but i am getting the x and y axis values from the web service by consuming it.I am consuming it by the method SOAP.Here i am getting this issues,can anyone tell me how to overcome this issue?


09-17 10:18:09.651: W/KeyCharacterMap(339): No keyboard for id 0
09-17 10:18:09.651: W

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Flex barChart and XML Data
Category : Programming Languages
<ProjectName>Alcoswitch - ToggleSwitches
Transverse Wedge</ProjectName>

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Barchart wth Annotations in Flex
Category : Programming Languages

I had developed BarCharts with annotations. Each bar is a one bar chart(displaying in attached jpeg). But i need total in one barchart with 4 bar series and annotations like a black line displaying in the middle (like,as shown in attached jpeg )

Please refer the below link.
Data is comming from the server and need plot in

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How to add horizontal scrollbar in BarChart using primefaces 3.2
Category : Programming Languages

How to add horizontal scrollbar in BarChart using primefaces 3.2, my x axes time dimension shows 52 weeks or 8 weeks week over week data, it is based on what filter value user has selected

here my question is I want to fix the size of bar chart with width 800 & height as 300px but when I select 52weeks bar chart, it shows very thin lines of bars where is shows more than

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How to add a PieChart subplot in a JFree BarChart?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to include a PieChart subplot over a JFree BarChart. The idea is represent how many items are included in the chart vs the total number of items to see how long is the Long Tail.

Here you can a sample image. How can I build something similar with JFreeChart?

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How to display a stacked barchart in Gnuplot?
Category : Web Design

I have a data file that looks a bit like this:

A 0.2 0.5
B 0.65 0.8
C 0.4 0.2

i.e., it contains three columns where the first column contains labels and the other two columns float values. Columns are separated by spaces.

I'd like to plot this in a way that the labels appear as tics on the x-axis while the colums are plotted as two dif

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How to display BarChart and PieChart in Same page (JSF)?
Category : Programming Languages

I have two graphs , BarCharts and PieCahrts both are under (JFreeChart) , is this possible to display two charts in jsf page , while Jfreechart is an array type , for 0 - BarChart and 1 - Piechart , but it displaying only Piechart ..

Thanks in Advance ,

We tried looking for examples combining a bar chart and a pie chart, could not find one. However, we were a

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