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IOS - Phonegap - barcodescanner
by Copter in Operating Systems

I'm trying to make an app which uses the barcodescanner plugin for IOS which comes with the phonegap plugin library (latest build / phonegap 1.4). I have allready made the Android version with the same plugin for android, and it worked fine. I have followed the instructions step by step and it won't work for me.

I'm getting an com.phonegap.barcodeScanner not found, and i have checke

How to use barcodeScanner plugin on IOS PhoneGap2.2.0?
by flakekun in Mobile Programming

How can I use barcodeScanner on IOS PhoneGap2.2.0?
In the IOS version, I could run barcodeScanner that is based on Cordova 1.5.0, but I could not use it when the PhoneGap is 2.2.0 and Cordova is also 2.2.0?

Phonegap barcodescanner build
by JoseWalrus in Web Design

I have used the zxing plugin to create a qrcode scanner
It works on simulator.But now i dont know hoe to create a build for the same.i have included the following lines in my config.xml file

<plugins name="BarcodeScanner" value="com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner.BarcodeScanner"/>

do i need to create plugin.xml also

Phonegap barcodescanner faster
by riahc3 in Web Design

Here is my code (and it is working correctly):

document.addEventListener('deviceready', myDeviceReady, false);
function myDeviceReady() {
$('#Print').append('Device is ready');
function Scan() {
try {
} catch (myC

PhoneGap BarcodeScanner - ClassNotFound
by MisterLilBig in Programming Languages


I posted an answer that fixes my original problem. See that for more information.

FYI for anyone wondering, in the end I found this: http://github.com/commonsguy/zxingdemo/tree/master Exactly what I needed to get it rolling was a simple demo that worked! Also, thanks to Sean for pointing me in the right direction for my googling.

I am cu

Phonegap: BarcodeScanner & Childbrowser plugins
by Chaos in Operating Systems

I'm facing a problem using this 2 PhoneGap plugins: "BarcodeScanner" & "ChildBrowser" (inside an iOS app, with XCode 4 & PhoneGap 2.0).

I've a button "Scan" on my app UI. When the user clic on this button, the barcode scanner is launched.

So, in the Success function of the barcode scanner callback, I need to open the recovered URL from the scan in a new Childbro

Blackberry BarcodeScanner - barcodeDecode switch to MainScreen
by hondaf17 in Programming Languages

Can somebody tell me how to close the Screen (which opened by the BarcodeScanner) and show the mainscreen again after the barcodeDecoded method was invoked?

I can't get it right. I tried a lot, one of them was this:

public void barcodeDecoded(String rawText) {
final String result = rawText;
final UiApplication

BarcodeScanner (phonegap) Library project error
by Derek in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use the phonegap BarcodeScanner plugin (https://github.com/purplecabbage/phonegap-plugins/tree/master/Android/BarcodeScanner)
I'm using phonegap version 2.3.0, so I'm using the 2.0.0 library project..
But when i import the library project into eclipse, the library project itself gives errors.. So that's kind of a problem... Did someone else have this problem and have a

barcodescanner phonegap android doesn't work
by matt.s in Android

I'm having troubles with cordova 1.7.0 for android and the barcodescanner plugin. I have downloaded it from github and I have followed the intructions in the readme file, but it doesn't work: after scanning the barcode the application goes in background without showing the barcode scanned. I now that the application read the barcode and goes in background when calling a method onDestroy

Phonegap with barcodescanner issue with screen rotation
by Scott Smith in Web Design

I'm using PhoneGap 2.2.0 and the barcode plugin https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugins/tree/master/Android/BarcodeScanner (version 2.0.0)

Here is the index.html:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="kkstyle.css" />

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