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Does My Retirement Benefit Affect My Spouse's Social Security Benefit?
by Xander in Personal Finance
While you are working, either as an employee or on a self-employed basis, you are building funds for your retirement as you pay Social Security tax. According to the Social Security Administration, 96 percent of American workers are covered under Social Security retirement and will eventually receive benefits when they reach retirement age. However, not only can you benefit from it, but your spous

What Is the Maximum Monthly Benefit on Your Social Security Benefit?
by Kocur in Personal Finance
Social Security bases benefit calculations on your lifetime of work. Until 2011, Social Security provided a statement of benefits so workers could see a projected monthly benefit at early retirement, full retirement age and at age 70. As a cost-cutting measure, the Social Security Administration discontinued the statement, but workers can use the estimators available on the Social Security website

How to Calculate the Benefit in a Cost Benefit Analysis
by naemi in Business
Cost benefit analysis is a powerful but simple tool that allows a business to determine whether or not to make a change. It takes into account both the assumed risks and costs associated with a project, as well as the immediate and future benefits. The changes the analysis deals with are often projects, such as constructing a new office, buying more space, deciding to downsize, hiring more employe

What Is a Benefit?
by mitry in Business
A benefit, which is also called a fringe benefit or a perk, is reward offered to or received by employees in addition to their salary. The choice of benefits offered by a company can be the deciding factor for someone seeking employment. Not all benefits are used by all employees, even when offered. Some benefits may be ongoing, while others may be offered at significant job-related events. A
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How to Benefit From Gua Sha
by Drift King in Health
Gua Sha is an ancient Asian technique that raises stagnated blood to the body's surface for healing purposes. Many people who practice Gua Sha believe that stagnated blood causes most aliments and pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain or an acute disorder, follow these steps to see if Gua Sha relieves your pain or improves your condition.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Find
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Tax Benefit of an IRA
by Techhog in Personal Finance
Using an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to save for retirement results in significant tax benefits over putting aside money in nonqualified accounts. Some benefits apply to all IRAs, while others are unique to either the traditional IRA or Roth IRA. Tax-Sheltered StatusAll IRAs are tax-sheltered accounts, which means that until you withdraw money from the IRA, you are not responsible for p
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How to Benefit From SAM-e
by Javier Pitalua in Health
SAM-e, or S-adenosylmethionine, is a combination of the amino acid methionine and adenosine triphospate (ATP). The human body naturally produces this compound and some medical studies show that levels of SAM-e may decrease with age. SAME-e supplements are available in both prescribed and over-the-counter dosages, and are used to treat a variety of conditions such as depression, fibromyalgia, liver
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What Is a Non-Benefit Period?
by raghu78 in Personal Finance
When a person begins a new job, he usually faces an enormous amount of information the employer provides. One of the sources of this information comes from the fringe benefits his new employer may offer. Generally, many companies will offer their employees extra incentives to retain employment within the business, such as health insurance and retirement plans. These benefits are not always immedia

How to Set Up a Benefit Fund
by knockout-2.0 in Culture & Society
In order to collect donations for a cause or charity it is important to set up a benefit fund. Sometimes benefit funds are opened so people can make donations to help families where a death has occurred, or to help a family whose possessions were destroyed in a fire or other disaster. By filing out a few tax forms a benefit fund can be opened at almost any bank.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio
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Benefit of Using a Sauna
by jasonmoo in Health
Saunas are small heated rooms with either dry or wet heat depending on personal preference. They often are used to cleanse, soothe and energize the body and burn calories. Saunas should not be used by those with heart or respiratory ailments and women who are pregnant, and elderly people should limit their time in saunas. Drinking alcohol before entering a sauna will counteract the room's effects

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