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Any benefit/disadvantages to open beta vs. closed beta for webapp
by Erwin in Development Tools & Services

This isn't a question about code, but it's programming related. We have a web app that's ready for beta testing. Has anyone noticed any difference between open beta vs. closed beta in terms of the quality or quantity of feedback the testers give or any other factors?

Digi Beta Vs. Beta Cam Tapes for Film Transfer
by Wes in Arts & Entertainment
Digibeta and Betacam are both tape formats released by Sony in the 20th century. They competed with the rival VHS format for control over the professional video market. Although VHS took control of the consumer market, the beta formats are sill widely used for film transfers. HistoryBetacam was first introduced into the market in the 1982. In 1992, Digibeta was brought into the market as betaca

How to Remove Beta Word From MS Office Beta
by ivoidwarranties in Computers
When you install the Microsoft Office 2010 beta software suite, or any other Office version, you can select which components -- such as Excel, Word, Access or PowerPoint -- you want installed on your computer. However, if you do not click the "Customize" button when installing Office for the first time, you will actually install all of the applications and features for that version of Office. So,

How to Calculate Levered Beta From Unlevered Beta
by Angelo Giannatos in Business
Analysts use beta to understand the correlation of a company's share prices to the stock market as a whole. A positive beta implies that the stock prices are moving in the same direction as the stock market. A negative beta implies that the stock is moving inversely to the market. A beta value of zero implies that there is no correlation between the stock market and the price of this company's sto

Asynchronous Module Definition: difference between beta.verb() and require(“beta”).verb()
by dummyadresse in Web Design

I was studying Asynchronous Module Definition from wiki.commonjs.org
and I am wondering what is the meaning of this piece of code.
In particular, my question is:
return beta.verb(); and return require("beta").verb(); have the same effect.
If not what is the difference?

define("alpha", ["require", "exports", "beta"], function (require, expor

Running App developed on VS11 Beta on a computer without VS11 Beta
by baylisscg in Programming Languages

I have developed an app using Visual Studio 11 Beta.
The app would not run on a computer which does not have VS 11 Beta installed...

I have installed .NET Framework 4.5, but it didn't help...

Does anyone have any suggestion on what should i install or add with the file in order to get it working on any computer without VS11?

Selective Beta Blockers Vs. Nonselective Beta Blockers
by Cenneca in Health
Beta-blockers treat high blood pressure, anxiety, glaucoma and migraines by blocking the effects of epinephrine to the heart. Selective beta-blockers and nonselective beta-blockers work on different beta receptors, but produce similar treatment effects. FunctionSelective beta-blockers work on beta-1 adrenoreceptors, which control heart rate and force of heartbeat. Nonselective beta-blockers wor

How do I use beta Perl modules from beta Perl scripts?
by dougbeal in Development Tools & Services

If my Perl code has a production code location and "beta" code location
(e.g. production Perl code us in /usr/code/scripts, BETA Perl code is in /usr/code/beta/scripts; production Perl libraries are in /usr/code/lib/perl and BETA versions of those libraries are in /usr/code/beta/lib/perl, is there an easy way for me to achieve such a setu

Redirect robots to robots-beta.txt when the beta.* prefix is being used
by slippysoup in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to disable all indexing on all content coming from my beta.* sub-domain. I don't actually have a beta/ directory on the server. The app is smart enough to switch the user to the beta code when it sees the beta prefix in the url.

Anyway, what I'm trying to do is redirect all robots to robots-beta.txt when the beta.* prefix is being used, but I'm having a hard time getting

How to Get Rid of IE8 Beta 2
by Progdis in Internet
Users who installed the Beta 2 version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 Web browser will likely want to uninstall the application because a more stable release of IE8 is now available. There are two ways to uninstall IE8 Beta 2 from your computer. If there is an entry for the browser in your Programs and Features control panel, then you can uninstall it from that menu. If the browser is not on t
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