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How to Convert a Cross-Country Full-Suspension Mountain Bike Into a Downhill Bike
by Jpark in Sports & Fitness
Downhill mountain bike racing is exciting, challenging and requires special equipment. With a few modifications, your full suspension cross country bike can be transformed into a great starter downhill bike.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Remove any additional accessories such as bar-ends, water bottle cages, reflectors or lights.
Lower your seatpost as low as it will go. You may need to cut the

How to Convert a Cross-Country Mountain Bike Into a Dual-Slalom Bike
by onurtopcu in Sports & Fitness
Mountain bike dual slalom racing usually requires a special bike, but you can set your cross country mountain bike up to get started. Any of these tips will get you going in the right direction, and all of them will fully convert your bike for dual slalom action.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Replace clipless pedals with platform pedals.
Lower your seat and seatpost as low as possible.

How to Adjust Brakes on Street Bike's Schwinn World Sport Bike
by reflexiv in Sports & Fitness
The Schwinn World Sport Bike was a popular bike sold in the early to mid-'80s. It is made from chrome-moly steel lugs and tubes and normally comes with Dia-Compe alloy side-pull cantilever brakes with quick release and extensions. If you want to know the exact kind of brakes your Schwinn World Sport bike has, check online for Scwhinn catalogs or ask your local bike shop. Most bikes come with a mod

Biking & Muscle Development: Recumbent Bike Vs. Street Bike
by yaplik in Sports & Fitness
Recumbent bicycles, which look like a cross between a bicycle and a reclined armchair, get a lot of curious stares. However, they are becoming more common, as some people claim that these cycles are better at developing the leg muscles than standard bikes. There's no simple answer---the effectiveness of either bicycle really depends on how you use it. Recumbent Bike DesignThe recumbent bicycle

How to Convert a Cross-Country Mountain Bike Into a Cyclocross Bike
by Brainonska511 in Sports & Fitness
Cyclocross is a brutal, painful sport, and thousands of people love it! These simple tips will help you convert a hardtail mountain bike into a race ready cyclocross bike.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Remove any additional accessories from your bike, including racks, reflectors, mirrors, bells, water bottles and cages, packs, bar-ends or lights.
Inspect the frame, fork and all components on th

Difference Between a Comfort Bike & a Mountain Hardtail Bike
by OGG in Sports & Fitness
Often, bicycle consumers want the best of several worlds--an inexpensive, comfortable bike they can take off-road or ride on the bike path. In this scenario, many bike shoppers end up deciding between a comfort hybrid-style bike or a hardtail mountain bike. As with any other decision, you have to consider the pros and cons, and, ultimately, make a sacrifice or two. TypesWhile similar features d

Calories Burned Using Upright Bike Vs. Recumbent Bike
by mdiezb in Sports & Fitness
Upright bikes have been around for decades, and recumbent bikes are growing in popularity in gyms and other fitness facilities. If the facility has both, a choice has to be made about which one to use. The amount of calories burned on the machine might make all the difference in this choice. You're ready to join the biking crowd, but which bike will burn more calories for you?"pan mass challeng

How to Change an Outdoor Bike Into an Indoor Exercise Bike
by soulcougher73 in Health
Both outdoor and stationary bicycles are costly investments. Some bikers prefer instead to use their outdoor bicycle when the weather or other circumstances necessitate indoor exercise. There are widely-available products that easily convert an outdoor bicycle to an indoor exercise bike. Triathletes and competitive cyclists especially prefer to use indoor conversion equipment on their outdoor bicy

How to Build a Stand to Turn a Bike Into a Stationary Bike
by Idaho in Sports & Fitness
Avid cyclers who live in areas with cold winters either have to brave the weather or risk getting out of shape after a long break from cycling. By turning an outdoor bike into a stationary indoor bike, a cycler can stay in shape and be ready for the spring season without sore muscles. Building a stand to allow your bike to operate as a stationary bike can be completed with basic hand tools.Difficu

How to Convert a Road Bike to a Fixed Gear Bike
by you2 in Sports & Fitness
Cycling enthusiasts will argue that a fixed gear bike gets the rider back to basics. It's said that the rider becomes one with the bike, a feeling of freedom similar to childhood bike riding. Others say that it improves fitness. A fixed gear bike will not coast. Even when coming to a stop, the pedals keep turning. And in the truest form of fixed gear riding, a fixed gear bike has no brakes. Resist

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