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How do a I set up a billing service that allow people to authorize automated billing?
by Mcad in Programming Languages

I want to start up a charity website that must provide a way for people to allow some type of automated billing system. They should have the ability to authorize it on my website without having to talk the banks directly. At the end of the month, they do not need to worry about paying off the bill or anything ... its just automatically handled by the bank.

Thanks for any help

The Advantages of Electronic Billing Over Paper Billing
by gondalez in Business
E-commerce can be a powerful tool for any business. One of the areas of e-commerce that can be a help to your company is electronic billing. It may seem easier to just mail a bill and ask your clients to mail back their payment, but when you invest in an online billing system you allow more flexibility for the customer. You can reduce late payments, and you can increase the chances that customers

How the android market make sure that delivered the item after the user billing the money by Android in app billing
by Twista in Android

If my app user used in app billing to checkout,then I gain the content to my app user.
How the android market make sure that delivered the item after the user billing the money by Android in app billing, if I failed to gain the content ,how my app user to refund and I get back my content ?

I see the android developer say that:
"In addition, as a best practice, you should n

android.os.DeadObjectException in android in app billing by net.robotmedia.billing
by Pete in Android

I am using android in-app-billing facility in my application and i am using net.robomedia.billing library.

In my application,whenever i click on Buy button and go for purchasing,sometimes my in App-Billing service will be crashed and give me the following Logcat.

If this error i faced once,it will faced everytime until i don't restart my device.


What Is AIA Billing?
by YooperDave in Legal
AIA billing is a billing system created by the American Institute of Architects in 1992. It serves as a standardized way for contractors to submit work-related paperwork to architects. Schedule of ValuesAIA billing paperwork is largely based on the "schedule of values." Contractors submit these with the original contract for work. The schedule of values itemizes and assigns costs to segments of
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What Is DME Billing?
by Jason Dockery in Health
DME (durable medical equipment) billing defines charges for the use of medical equipment and supplies. The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System has established level II codes to designate and classify equipment and supplies. Coding SystemThe HCPCS level II scheme is accepted and used for billing and claim purposes by both public (Medicare & Medicaid) and private insurers (Exclusive Provide
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In-App Billing V3
by ghost recon88 in Programming Languages

i am new in in-app billing google play, and i download example from google and got TrivialDrive project. I just change SKU_GAS into "android.test.purchased" but after i success to buy fuel, i got result :

02-27 14:24:40.882: D/TrivialDrive(11805): Consumption finished. Purchase: PurchaseInfo(type:inapp):
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Billing and the API
by DeadFred in Development Tools & Services

I have hundreds of shops all subscribing to an App through 2 channels. Recurring and One Time payments. It seems that if a Shop accepts a recurring payment install, the shop is assigned a recurring charge entry. If the merchant then uninstalls the App and chooses to re-install it using the one-time charge, BOTH charges will exist for the shop and the App, even though they uninstalled from the r

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About Medical Billing
by evgen_povt in Careers & Job Searching
Medical billing is important to insurance companies and healthcare facilities. It offers them a way to interact on a patient's behalf concerning medical services and payments. The preset guidelines established by healthcare facilities and insurance companies make it possible for you to receive medical services at the time you need them the most. FunctionMedical billing is the necessary process

How Much Does Medical Billing Pay?
by Retro Rob in Careers & Job Searching
Most medical billing specialists earn an hourly rate, rather than an annual salary. They may work for hospitals, doctor's offices, medical billing services or insurance companies, or they may be self-employed and work for a variety of companies. How much medical billing pays depends on job experience and education, the company the medical biller works for, and what part of the United States the co

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