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how to change system's COM Port settings( Bits,Data bits,Parity,Stop bits and flow control) by code in wpf?
by Schmidt in Programming Languages
public partial class MainWindow : Window
public MainWindow()
SerialPort MySerialPort = new SerialPort();
txt_1.Text = MySerialPort.BaudRate.ToString();
txt_2.Text = MySerialPort.DataBits.ToString();
txt_3.Text = MySerialPort.Parity.ToString()

How to install debugging tools for windows 32 bits side by side with 64 bits on a 64 bits OS?
by Dannar26 in Operating Systems

I have a 64 bits Windows 2008R2 VM, where I installed Debugging tools for Windows 64 bits from the SDK. Now I wish to install the 32 bits and even downloaded the respective ISO - GRMSDK_EN_DVD.iso from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8442

However, the damn thing thinks there is nothing to install, because the 64 bits is already installed.

How can

Java 32 Bits with PAE Kernel + SO 32 bits and CPF 64 Bits
by takuya in Programming Languages

I'm facing a problem in my application using JBOSS 4.2.3GA. We have approximately 20 users online and is usual the cpu run to 95%, 99%. We search for problem in application using jmeter and other tests and we don't find a point or loop that can be causing this problem.

We have an historic problem with the organization responsable for my client data center. So, i started to look its

Convert byte (java data type) value to bits (a string containing only 8 bits)
by Joshua Johnson in Programming Languages

I need to convert a value declared as a byte data type into a string of 8 bits. Is there any Java library method that can do this? For example, it should take in -128 and output "10000000". Also, input -3 should give "11111101". (I converted these by hand.)

Before you assume this has been answered many times, please let me explain why I am confused.

The name "byte" is a

IPv6 multicast addresses: Is the Group ID field effectively 112 bits or 32 bits?
by Navin in Programming Languages

I'm trying to understand the rules for choosing an IPv6 multicast address Group ID, and the RFC seems somewhat inconsistent. For example, in RFC 2373 section 2.7 this diagram is shown:

| 8 | 4 | 4 | 112 bits |
+------ -+----+----+---------------------------------------------+
|11111111|flgs|scop| group ID

How do you “concatenate” two 32 bits int to get a 64 bits long in Python?
by Lori in Programming Languages

I want to generate 64 bits long int to serve as unique ID's for documents.

One idea is to combine the user's ID, which is a 32 bit int, with the Unix timestamp, which is another 32 bits int, to form an unique 64 bits long integer.

A scaled-down example would be:

Combine two 4-bit numbers 0010 and 0101 to form the 8-bit number 0

Interoperability of Silverlight vs Java Applet on 32 bits / 64 bits machines
by Matt Watson in Java

In the perspective of write-once deploy anywhere, is it possible to make one single development for silverlight and be able to deploy without problem on both 32 bits and 64 bits users machines ?

Same question for Java applets though it seems as I can read here it's not possible: Force java applet to run in 32-bit instead of 64-bit JRE

Then if it is possible with Silverli

How to change a 32bit registers specific bits without changing other bits?
by DrMrLordX in Programming Languages

I want to manipulate some bits of a register directly using its physical address. However I couldn't find a way to make this. I saw some posts about setting bit masks but I find them too confusing.

My registers physical address is: 0x4A10005C

I want to manipulate its bit which was between 18-16 bits. I want to set 0x3 inside those bits.

How can i get WIX to find the location of merge modules on 32 bits and 64 bits dev machines?
by deshao in Programming Languages

We are using a development environment where some developers are using x64 machines, and some are using Win32 machines, and the 'official' build machine is a 32 bit machine.
This can cause problemns because on the x64 dev machines the 'common' merge modules are located at C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMerge Modules, and on Win32 machines, the location is C:Program FilesCommon FilesMerge

Can't flip bits on byte or switch bits to all ones for some reason, not working
by lwl_seu in Programming Languages

Hey I'm kinda new to asm, and this problem is keeping me up all night
that i can't solve it, so i'm hoping to get some help. for some reason the expression

or al, 11111111

when al = AA is giving me EF, instead of FF. And when i try

xor al, 11111111

it gives me 6D instead of 55. I don't understand because i thought the or method would give me

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