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counting non blank lines per block of a file, having several blocks separated by a blank line
by mrmt in Web Design

I'd like to count lines in a file that consists of several blocks, say 3, each with a different number of lines. Each block is separated by a blank line. Is there a one line solution?
So far here is what I have:

awk '(NR>4) && NF!=0 {++count} END {print count}' filename > outfile

This obviously counts all non-blank lines (and gets rid of a 4-line header). I

excel data to datagridview through dataset using OLE skips the initial blank rows and blank columns
by dreampunchboy in Programming Languages

I am using OLE related API's for reading data to DataSet and later to view in DataGridView. The source is an excel file. If the first row or column is empty than that row or column is getting skipped. I wish to read the data irrespective of empty/has data. Other rows/columns even if its empty its working fine, but only starting is missing.

I read about ColumnHeader and tried changi

Heroku certs — Didn't include CA bundle and now cannot update (Pem can't be blank, is invalid, expires at can't be blank)
by Kagee in Programming Languages

I have the COMODO Extended Validation offered by NameCheap.com. It gives me these files:


I did everything I was supposed to in regards to unpacking site.key and whatnot, but what I did not do was combine the 4 items

python regex: use first blank as sep but maintain rest of blank sequence
by PenguinPower in Programming Languages

I'm fighting too long on this regex now.
The split should use blank as separator
but maintain the remaining ones in a blank sequence to the next token

'123 45 678 123.0'
'123', '45', ' 678', ' 123.0'

My numbers are floats as well and the group count is unknown.

Dislaying blank box instead of blank space while using marathi even after decaration of UTF-8 in meta tag
by Calve Martin in Web Design

At default zoom level i.e 100% sometimes i get this problem of blank boxes instead of blank spaces but when I change the zoom level it looks normal.
Somebody please tell me why this is happening....??

My all rest code which is in marathi is working fine...
I have used unicode for displaying marathi and i have include meta tag for that also then why this

I want to set an asp.net's label with a blank value to “<blank>” with javascript/jQuery
by thejunglegod in Javascript

We have code in our website that does a comparsion to what was stored in the database with what the user types in the textbox. This functionality works as is. But, I wanted to add some code to to set a empty string value that shows up in the "lbl_hiredate_change" and set it equal to the string "blank". I added the if statement with the comment "//my addition" in the below code. Can someone

How does :g/^$/,/./-j (reduce multiple blank lines to a single blank) work in vim?
by Mikebob in Programming Languages

In the article, Vim Regular Expressions, Oleg Raisky gives the following command to reduce multiple blank lines to a single blank:


Can someone please describe how this works?

I know :g command and regular expressions. But I didn't understand what the part /,/./-j does.

Crystal printing blank page at the end of the report when subreport is blank
by DOOR3 James in Programming Languages

I have what is (hopefully) and quick and simple question. I have a report that has two subreports in it. The second of the two subreports, when there is data, needs to be on a new page which is what's causing my problem. When I add conditions in the formula for New Page Before or New Page After such as: 'Not onlastrecord', conditional formulas in the suppress fields of the main report sectio

query returning blank row blank after adapter.update
by Max Derov in Databases

I am trying to update my sql data base using data adapter in a while loop. First loop is good but when I update the database and then in the second loop the row is blank for the select query. Does the adapter lock the database?? Please help. its urgent.

while (true)
using (MySqlConnection dbConnection = new MySqlConnection(connectionString))

Rails field “can't be blank”, even though it's not blank
by gorcorps in Web Design

I'm using Rails 3 and failing to submit a form because one of the fields fails to pass validates_presence_of. My model is called dinner, and the field, which is used in conjunction with a datepicker, is called date.


<%= f.text_field :date, id: "datepicker" %>

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