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How to show/hide the same blocks inside similar blocks with JQuery
by swassbac in Web Design

Code as follows:

<div class="mama">
<div class="son">Item 1</div>
<div class="mama">
<div class="son">Item 2</div>
function() {
function() {

Differences Between Cinder Blocks & Concrete Blocks
by Spasas in Home & Garden
The old gray building block has new status. It is now a Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU). That term is applied to both concrete and cinder blocks, which are similar in appearance and construction but are used differently in building. Both materials are used to build walls or solid fences, as foundation supports for sheds and other small buildings or in some sizes as pavers for patios and other outdoor

How to use reference self in Objective-C blocks for animation blocks?
by MeldarthX in Programming Languages

I would ideally like to write code that allows me to determine what animations a desired view performs when a certain function is executed, e.g. (n.b., pseudocode):

- (void)animateView:(UIView *)view withAnimations:(NSArray *)arrayOfAnimationBlocks

The above (i.e., desired) function would go through a series of animations in sequence and would not perform eac

Glass Blocks Vs. Acrylic Blocks
by digiram in Home & Garden
Glass blocks have been used for many years to create transparent walls and decorative features. More recently, acrylic substitutes have come onto the market that offer a similar look but have different physical characteristics. FeaturesGlass and acrylic blocks are transparent, allowing plenty of illumination to pass through. They're often square in shape and can be textured for decoration or pr

Haydite Blocks Vs. Concrete Blocks
by Enar in Home & Garden
While both blocks come from materials found in nature, haydite blocks are lighter than concrete blocks due to the components used in its making. Why which block is good for one project, but not good for another is important to understand before the building begins. What is Haydite Block?Haydite is a lightweight aggregate made up of clay, shale and slate, which makes it 40 percent lighter than

Eclipse Plugin Development: How do I syntax color comment blocks inside comment blocks?
by FallenHero in Programming Languages

I am making a plugin voor UnrealScript and I found out that in UnrealScript you can have comment blocks inside comment blocks.
In other words, the amount of


have to match the

/* and /**

in order to close a block.


inside comment block
Optimal median of medians selection - 3 element blocks vs 5 element blocks?
by dawp in Development Tools & Services

I'm working on a quicksort-variant implementation based on the Select algorithm for choosing a good pivot element. Conventional wisdom seems to be to divide the array into 5-element blocks, take the median of each, and then recursively apply the same blocking approach to the resulting medians to get a "median of medians".

What's confusing me is the choice of 5-element blocks rather

Remove all nested blocks, whilst leaving non-nested blocks alone via python
by ms-access in Programming Languages


[This] is some text with [some [blocks that are nested [in a [variety] of ways]]]

Resultant text:

[This] is some text with

I don't think you can do a regex for this, from looking at the threads at stack overflow.

Is there a simple way to to do this -> or must one reach for pyparsing (or other parsing lib

Looking for software that can assemble large blocks of text from small blocks of text
by Puffnstuff in Web Design

Here is the problem I am trying to solve with a software solution:

I give speeches a few times a month. That speech is made up of small sections of text that I combine to form the whole speech. Each speech is a little different, and in every speech the small sections will be different, and in different orders.

Right now, I just keep all the speeches in text files and cop

Optimizing number of blocks to maximal number of resident blocks on GPU
by deshao in Development Tools & Services

Is it possible to determine the number of maximal resident blocks on the whole GPU to avoid necessity of repetitive kernel execution as global barrier?

More exactly I want to avoid cost of copying partial results into the global memory and cost of kernel execution. So work will be fairly distributed to each block and blocks will fairly alternate their computations until one of them

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