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Blog Application: should i embed the comment logic in the main blog entry class?
by dawza in Programming Languages

i am trying to write a blog application with CodeIgniter just for practice and using php (of course)

i just wanted to ask that which approach should i choose?

i am planning to write a Blog class with the basic following functions:
Insert(), Update(), Read(), Delete()

now i want to ask if i should add the comment logic in the main Blog class?
Such as

Make joomla blog link to inner pages(or blog roll post actual)
by Thierry Brunet in Web Design

So i was told to create a blog for client in Joomla and, i have minimal knowledge of Joomla inner workings. I made the blog as seen here


But the problem is that, the headers/titles for each story in that blog roll cant be clicked.
Im wondering is there a way i can make this happen? Essentially this page is a collectio

How to get a huge number of blog entries (blogspot or yahoo blog or livejournal…)
by semicolonth in Development Tools & Services

I just want a large number of blog entries for my classifier.

As I know, twitter has its APIs (search API and stream API) for developer to retrieve tweets!

Do Google and Yahoo have the similar API?

If not, what should I do for my purpose?

Google App Engine - Mapping a blog (3rd party software) to mydomain.com/blog
by Alatar in Development Tools & Services

My Google App Engine app (Python 2.72) is hosted on www.mydomain.com.
I also have a Tumblr - blog that is currently hosted on mydomain.tumblr.com.

It would be easy to map my blog to blog.mydomain.com, but that's not what I want to do. For SEO reasons, I want my blog to be accessible via www.mydomain.com/blog.

Some quick research revealed that a reverse proxy is nee

Drupal 7 - Blog Module - Adding title to single blog post
by Andrew in Web Design

I have been asked to add a blog for a website built in Drupal 7. I activated the blog module and made a couple entries.

The postings show up fine on the blog page, but when I click through to a single entry it is just the text of the post. I would like to add the title to the page.

How is this possible?


dir(models.Model.Blog) does not show the class variables (Fields) of Blog, why?
by wraith in Programming Languages


from django.db import models
class Blog(models.Model):
title = models.CharField(max_length=100, unique=True)
body = models.TextField()

Calling the dir function on a class in Python normally shows a list that includes class variables if they are defined. But strangely when I do python manage.py shell

Building a blog-like app with django, should I normalize images outside of the blog entry's model?
by WiseUp216 in Web Design

Just wondering because at the moment I am keeping the ImageFields as part of the BlogPost model. If I want to support the potential for 20 images, I have 20 such fields, when often almost 19 of them will never be used. But if I normalize them into a separate model, it's not as intuitive to add images to a post in the admin page, since you have to select the post from a drop down for each image

Blog tool which allow drag and drop from desktop image directly into blog
by AJ. in Programming Languages

I'm not sure SO is the right place to ask this, but I'm willing to risk some downvotes for the answer because it would be enormously helpful. I've been using Google's "Blogger" tool, but unfortunately it has a rather cumbersome process for inserting images. Is there a blogging tool that just lets you drag an image from your destop directly into blog?

How to get blog entries from blog namespace show on a DokuWiki start page
by nobodyzzz in Programming Languages

A while back I even created a dokuwiki plugin.

How do I get blog entries from the "blog" namespace shown on my start page?

Does anyone know that?

How to create a 'blog settings' tab in drupal to move all blog related edit forms to one place
by chr6 in Web Design

I dont know if im asking the impossible, but i want to have a tab in my user edit area that houses all blog related items (ie blog theme, blog info, user blogroll) as opposed to them being inside the user/%/edit and user/%/edit profile.

Im putting together a multi-user site and this is crucial for user-friendliness.

Thanks for any ideas!


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