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Loop an audio clip when an android Bluetooth phone disconnects from a Bluetooth device
by Minh Nguyen in Android

I need my Bluetooth android app to loop a short audio clip if it disconnects from a Bluetooth device. So far I have only done all the Bluetooth framework. Here is what I have:

package com.almalogic.bluetooth;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.InputStream;
import java.io.OutputStream;
import java.net.Socket;
import java.util.ArrayList;

How to Send/receive Data via bluetooth android phone to medical equipment having bluetooth
by slpnshot in Android

I want to connect my android phone with the a medical equipment via Bluetooth.At one time i want to connect with 3 devices and continuously getting the data from one device and sent to the another also stored in the SD card.

Also the data are in different formats like hex and octal. So Is it possible and is there any API to do that ?
Provide me some link or any code is appreci

Do bugs/problems in bluetooth SPP profile of HTC Desire affect Bluetooth Chat app?
by AFurryReptile in Programming Languages

I am using the Bluetooth Chat sample app from android website. I want to send a long message in a particular format (mentioned below in the code) and receive it on the other side and display on my phone (HTC Desire). I will parse this message further, extract few things and use it for my app.

I am not able to receive all the characters in the above message (few characters get random

C# Establishing stream from laptop internal bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripheral
by Alex Sadzawka in Programming Languages

I am trying to write a program that connects to a Bluetooth Low Energy device (BLE), and then read a characteristic either on updates, or on a given interval.

My Peripheral is a Texas instruments CC2540 BLE device.

My starting point was looking at the example program from TI, that has a heart rate monitor:

Bluetooth discoverable on button click without navigating to bluetooth settings page
by kharakawa in Programming Languages

How can we make bluetooth discoverable on button click without going to bluetooth settings page.

bt_strength.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View arg0) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
if (mBtAdapter.getScanMode()!= BluetoothAdapter.SCAN_MODE_CONNECTABLE_DISCOVERABLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy - combining BLE advantages with Bluetooth Classic's pairing?
by Matt1970 in Operating Systems

I've watched WWDC Session 703 (Core Bluetooth 101) and 705 (Advanced Core Bluetooth) and checked the demo codes BTLE Transfer and TemperatureSensor.

Basically, what I want to do is take advantage of BLE but only one central should be allowed to connect (user should be asked once by iOS if the device should pair with the peripheral). So plain old pairing and notifying the connected c

Bluetooth socket closed android bluetooth chat sample
by plonk420 in Android

I m trying Bluetooth When i m trying to receive messages through bluetooth i m getting this error .I m using galaxy s3(4.0.4)

11-20 13:09:03.698: E/BluetoothChatService(6762): disconnected
11-20 13:09:03.698: E/BluetoothChatService(6762): java.io.IOException: Software caused connection abort
11-20 13:09:03.698: E/BluetoothChatService(6762): at android.bluetooth.Bl

How Android app can initiate Bluetooth HFP and A2DP connection to Bluetooth Headset?
by Twista in Android

In my understand, Anroid app supports only SPP connection not HFP and A2DP.

However, I want to initiate HFP and A2DP connection in Android app just like selecting Bluetooth device in Bluetooth Settings menu. I'm not sure it is possible to use a intent including BluetothDevice object, so the intent receiver can initiate HFP and A2DP connection.

If you have a idea, could y

How to transfer data from ipad to bluetooth device via bluetooth using private api
by j0sh4tran in Mobile Programming

How to transfer data from ipad to bluetooth device via bluetooth using private api

Initiation of BlueTooth Connection to Android by BlueTooth Device(Master)
by nascentmind in Android

I have a BlueTooth(BT) device (Master) which must be connected to the android device automatically, after BT device is turned on.

In my opinion it will be something like BT headset device connection to the android, i.e. while headset turned on - it's automatically initiates connection to android and connects to it. It's not acceptable to create and keep open socket for BT connections o


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