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How to extract the fragment between the body (<body>…</body>) tags from AJAX response in JavaScript
by Vytautas in Javascript

An AJAX response is returning the full HTML page. I need to extract the fragment between the body (<body> and </body>) tags. This is required to be done on the client side using JavaScript. Any help will be appreciated.

In jQuery, $('body') can be selecting the body element, but $('body') can be just like $('some text'), so how to distinguish?
by diablo805 in Programming Languages

The reason is that we can do

$('<div>some text</div>').prependTo('#someDiv')

so, this is also ok to do:

$('some text').prependTo('#someDiv')

but we can't change some text to body? body is just as good as any text...

(the above code is adding some text

`document.body.appendChild(elem);` appends to the end of the html body. How to place in specific place in the body?
by demetris in Web Design

The following code creates a text input field AFTER the Hey girls! paragraph when pressing on the push button:

function func()
var elem=document.createElement("input");

Is there a .NET ready made method to process response body of a HttpListener HttpListenerRequest body?
by Walruz in Programming Languages

I'm using HttpListener to provide a web server to an application written in another technology on localhost. The application is using a simple form submission (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) to make its requests to my software. I want to know if there is already a parser written to convert the body of the html request document into a hash table or equivalent.

I find it hard to

Remove Head content and/or body tags found within parent page body
by Rob Archer in Programming Languages

Because of my cms tool, I need to add a <head> and <body> to some include files on my site. For obvious reasons, I don't want the parent page to see the <head> region or <body> tags of the included page. The cms has a standard if, else rule I'm using on.ready to apply rules based on being logged in/out of the cms.


how to limit a click event applied to the <body> from executing on a jquery datatable in the body
by Tennessee in Web Design

I have animated datatables which slide in from the left when their hyperlink is clicked. And when the user is done reading the contents of the visible datatable, I applied the following code to allow the user to click anywhere else to park the table away and proceed with viewing. I used jQuery code for attaching the click event...

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-

Creating DampedRotarySpring in pymunk between a dynamic body and a moving static body
by vxnick in Programming Languages

I'm trying to do what the title says. I have a character with a gun constrained to its hand, and I'm trying to get the gun to point at the cursor. I figured that a DampedRotarySpring would be a nice way to do it, but it turns out not to be as simple as that. The gun is a dynamic body with a Segment shape, and for the cursor I create a static body whose position I set to the mouse location with

How to make header/body/footer 'popup' div with variable height body?
by Bakafish in Web Design

I produce a popup div which looks like a classic Window on my web page which can be minimized/resized/moved around.

I need it to have a header which is 25 px high, a footer which is 50px high and then the body of the window always takes the "rest", which is variable because the window could be resized. The body of this window gets its DOM updated dynamically where elements can be ad

Instructions for a Full Body Detox Treatment Using a Sea Clay Body Masque
by FrankSaucedo in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
A sea-clay body mask is a wonderful and effective way to rid the body of unwanted toxins while you relax. Detoxifying with a body wrap helps decrease excess interstitial fluid between skin cells caused by physical inactivity, poor food choices and the body's inability to release harmful toxins. Sea botanicals have excellent properties for enhancing the quality of skin while drawing out these harmf

request.body is empty when issuing POST requests containing JSON body
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Development Tools & Services

I've struggling for few hours with this issue and I feel I'm stuck with it. I'm doing the tutorial of NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB. I've built a simple API on ExpressJS.

When issuing a cURL POST request containing a JSON body the req.body is empty and therefore I see an error.

Hereby some source/details:

The cURL request:

curl -i http://local

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