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Corporate Bonds Vs. Treasury Bonds in a Pension Portfolio Spread
by NAM TRON in Personal Finance
Corporate pension funds invest retirement funds for state and local governments. Income can be created by receiving regular coupon income from bonds and reinvesting the proceeds. Profits also arise from trading the changing spread, or yield difference, between prime grade United States treasury notes, bills, and bonds and the various maturities and investment grade corporate bonds in the marketpla

How to Compare Inflation-Protected Bonds to Treasury Bonds
by manivel in Personal Finance
Treasury bonds are known for their safety and their stability, and many investors have made them the centerpiece of their portfolios. Investors who fear that high inflation in the future might erode the value of their nest eggs over time can choose inflation-protected bonds. These bonds pay a base rate, plus an additional yield tied to the inflation rate. Investors who expect inflation to be tame

Rules for Bail Bonds & Collateral Bonds in California
by Micah in Legal
If you or someone you know is arrested in the state of California, there are bail bond laws you should know about. Knowledge of California bail bond law may be vital to avoid a long pretrial jail stay.
Likewise, if you are considering a career in the bail bond industry, knowledge of the state's bail bond regulations is essential to obtaining the appropriate licensing. Definitions of Bail

The Difference Between General Obligation Bonds & Revenue Bonds
by jkjambo in Personal Finance
States and local governments borrow money from investors by selling debt securities known as municipal bonds. These bonds come in many varieties, including general obligation bonds and revenue bonds. Regardless of the type of bond you buy, the bondholder agrees to repay the debt along with interest. However, there are significant differences between revenue and general obligation bonds that can im

Risks With Government Bonds & Corporate Bonds in This Market
by Milindur in Personal Finance
When interest rates fall, bond prices rise. Higher prices attract more buyers. When other types of investments, including the stock market, perform poorly, safe havens such as government and high quality corporate bonds may attract a disproportionate amount of investor money compared to historic averages. High demand for bonds, coupled with low interest rates, causes bonds to trade at a premium

What Are Treasury Bonds and United States Savings Bonds?
by EvilNodZ in Personal Finance
The U.S. government borrows money by issuing a range of debt securities and certificates. The term "Treasury bond" is often used to cover the whole gamut of Treasury-issued securities. However, there is a specific Treasury bond security. Savings bonds are another type of Treasury certificate. Savings BondsSavings bonds are individual savings certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury. Savings bon

What Has a Higher Yield, Corporate Bonds or Municipal Bonds?
by rpanic in Personal Finance
Today's financial markets can be complex to navigate. For a new investor or someone looking to diversify his investments, trying to decide what to invest in can be challenging. Investors have traditionally viewed bonds as relatively safe investments compared to stocks, which are more volatile. If you decide to invest in bonds, you should know whether corporate or municipal bonds are best suited to

Corporate Bonds Vs. High-Yield Bonds
by NikolaeVarius in Personal Finance
Corporate bonds are any bonds that are issued by companies. High-yield bonds are bonds on which bondholders receive higher than average interest payments. Many high-yield bonds are corporate bonds, but you can also buy high-yield bonds that are issued by municipalities, foreign governments and investment firms that convert mortgages into marketable bonds. BondsCorporations and governments borro

Are I Series Savings Bonds a Better Investment Than EE Bonds?
by Thierry Brunet in Personal Finance
Series I and EE bonds are the two types of savings bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury. Both kinds of savings bonds can be purchased in paper form at banks or in electronic form with an account at the TreasuryDirect.com website. The best option for savings bonds depends on your expectations for future interest rates and how accurate you are. Saving Bond BenefitsBoth types of savings bonds have di

Comparison of Treasury Bonds & Municipal Bonds
by Ali in Personal Finance
Any discussion of municipal bonds and United States Treasury bonds must include a comparison of the credit securing the Treasury bond issue and the relative financial strength securing a municipal issue within the state. In addition, corporate and personal tax rates affect the demand for particular bonds. Liquidity, the ability to buy or sell a particular security, and the general level of interes

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