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Best practices to list books and books childs with hierarchical style in Views
by sirjoekcb in Programming Languages

Im developing a website about travels.

My needs is to build a view that output:

France Guide
- Guide to Paris*
-- Hostels in Paris
- Guide to Lyon*
- Guide to Hostels in France
Ireland Guide
- Dublin*
-- Hostels in Dublin
- Cork*
Italy Guide
- Rome*
- Florence*

The nodes with the asterisk * ha

Modern e-books/books about building a game engine
by Texas in Web Design

Any recommendations? I've been looking for something that talks me through how a game engine is built. I've tried fiddling around with Java's, C#.NET's 3D game engines (and made a few 2D sidescrollers with XNA) which do everything for me, so all i have to do is place my objects and add logic.
That's nice, but going any lower than that and i'm confused.
Would be nice, if the book uses

Can I perform queries to get books that contain a phrase using the Google Books API?
by Darin in Programming Languages

I want to find books that contain particular phrases in the google books corpus. Is there any way I can do this using the google books API? As far as I can tell, the API only supports dinky things like manipulation of google bookshelves and whatnot.

A Guide on How to Download E-Books or Audio Books
by Vytautas in Arts & Entertainment
E-books introduce a new way for people to enjoy multiple books anywhere they go, without having to lug an entire library along with them. Whether you're reading on your PC or using an e-reader, you can find a variety of e-books and audio books from any number of websites. How you use these websites depends on what kind of book you're looking for, what devices you intend to use and how much you wan

Resources to Transfer My Books to Audio Books
by Andrew L. in Arts & Entertainment
Transferring a book to audio book is a good way to combine your interests in performance and literature. With the availability of cheap technology and online distribution, you can create and distribute your audio book relatively cheaply. In choosing a book to transfer to audio book, you should find a book that is out-of-copyright. The copyright has expired on all books written in the 19th century

How to Read Full Books From Google Books
by bikefixxer in Internet
In 2008, the Author's Guild and other organizations filed a lawsuit against Google books regarding their vast online book collection. Google resolved the lawsuit and looks forward to providing more books online. This allows Internet surfers to continue browsing and reading millions of free books on the Web. Some books display summaries and snippets of information. Others, such as those with expire

Digital Books Vs. Paper Books
by FrankSaucedo in Arts & Entertainment
Digital books, or ebooks, are a part of a rapidly evolving technology. A number of ebook readers came on the market in 2009, but the capabilities and advantages of post-2009 ebooks may increase greatly. What you need to readTo read an ebook, you need a computer, or a special ebook reader costing several hundred dollars. Some mobile phones can also display ebooks. To read a paper book, you just

Picture Books Vs. Story Books
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Arts & Entertainment
Reading to your child from the day she's born can have a positive impact on her development. Early reading has been shown to help with language development. It can promote reading and literacy at an early age. Reading with your child is also a great bonding experience. You will want to pick out types of books based on the age and development level of your child. Picture BooksPicture books are t

Picture Books Vs. Chapter Books
by lietkynes in Arts & Entertainment
Picture books and chapter books are similar in that both types of book are intended for a young audience, but they differ in their target audiences and formats. Picture booksPicture books are books for young children that tell a story through illustrations and a small amount of text. Some may not have any text.
Chapter booksChapter books tell a single story primarily or exclusively through t

How to Write and Publish Books as E-Books
by IndyColtsFan in Arts & Entertainment
Writing and then publishing a book is an exciting, although sometimes frustrating, process. Dealing with agents and publishing houses can be a massive struggle that often involves years and mountains of rejection notices. Many writers, especially those who have never published a book before, decide to self-publish their work. There are a number of platforms available to writers to self-publish a b

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