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JTable add rows bottom up - rows added one after the other should appear at the bottom of the last one but all should be bottom aligned
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

I have a JTable in Java swing which needs to be bottom aligned.

As in normal tables when a row is added to the table it is placed on top, when the next row is added it is added under it and so on.

What I would like to do is place the new row at the bottom of the table. When a new row is added I would like the new row to be placed right at the bottom and the previous row

How to make android:layout_gravity=“bottom|center_horizontal” stays at bottom
by mii in Android

I have a vertical LinearLayout which has a list view and one ImageView at the bottom and one at top and the list view filled up the space left behind.

It looks like this:

<LinearLayout layout_height="match_parent" layout_width="@dimen/width"
<ImageView layout_height="@dimen/width" layout_width="@dimen/width" id="@+id

Applying Bottom Box Shadow leaves some unshadowed space on left and right bottom sides
by golazo in Web Design

I have the following markup.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<div id="wrapper">
<div id="container">
<div id="navigation">

With the following CSS

width: 100%;

Element won't anchor to screen bottom when I change bottom property dynamically
by WicKeD in Web Design

I'm trying to write a javascript script that dynamically anchors elements to the bottom of the page when necessary. Here's a sample my code:

thebox.style.right = (window.innerWidth - topleft.Left - abs.Left - thebox.offsetWidth)+'px'
thebox.style.left = '
thebox.style.top = (topleft.Top - abs.Top)+'px'
thebox.style.bottom = '

This code is calle

Aligning the bottom of an inline block with the bottom of text (excluding descenders)
by Cornflex in Web Design

How can I align the bottom of an inline block (call it 'IB') with the bottom of the text - excluding descenders like that on 'g' - in a parent element (call it 'PE')? This should be in a way which generalises whatever the size of the text - I don't want to hardcode size-specific pixel values.

Here is an example of the HTML I'd use, with the classes I'd need CSS for:


How to develop winrt live tile with slide animation (alternately from top to bottom and bottom to top) using HTml5 and Javascript?
by Michael in Javascript

I want to create slider using HTML5 and javascript. Similar to windows 8 live tile, i got one link (http://aviathemes.com/aviaslider/?slider=direction-fade-slider) which shows the slider control. However it is not showing the slide effect.

CSS. Placing footer at bottom of the webpage (not in the bottom of screen) in ASP Pages
by CjK in ASP & ASP.net

I have read a lot of approaches regarding placement of the footer in a webpage with CSS. Between others i found solutions, within SO too. The problem is (i think) that most of them, do not apply in asp pages.

So the question is how can i place the footer with pure CSS in Asp pages?

Before you post your answer, you have to take in mind the following.

I use a mast

How to make footer stick to bottom of wrapper with bottom margin?
by slpnshot in Web Design

I´m trying to make a footer that sticks to the bottom of wrapper, but leaving a bottom margin so that the pattern image on the body background can be seen.
I came accross the sticky footer at


which worked great, but all my attempts of adding margin/paddings to footer/ wrapper/ body didn´t.


Place popup at bottom of screen (NOT at bottom of browser window)
by nasy in Web Design

my question is. How to alace a popup window at bottom of screen (NOT at bottom of browser window)?

Which property do I use for that?

Best way to send all scripts to bottom of page, when having jQuery in bottom as well?
by Creig in Network & Servers

What's the best way to delay all JavaScript to after jQuery is loaded, when jQuery is placed in the bottom of the page? I already solved picking up all the jQuery instances and initiate them after jQuery has loaded, but I need to find a nice way to pick up all external references done with <script src="file.js"></script>.

In <head>:


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