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JTable add rows bottom up - rows added one after the other should appear at the bottom of the last one but all should be bottom aligned
Category : Programming Languages

I have a JTable in Java swing which needs to be bottom aligned.

As in normal tables when a row is added to the table it is placed on top, when the next row is added it is added under it and so on.

What I would like to do is place the new row at the bottom of the table. When a new row is added I would like the new row to be placed right at the bottom and the previous row

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How to make android:layout_gravity=“bottom|center_horizontal” stays at bottom
Category : Android

I have a vertical LinearLayout which has a list view and one ImageView at the bottom and one at top and the list view filled up the space left behind.

It looks like this:

<LinearLayout layout_height="match_parent" layout_width="@dimen/width"
<ImageView layout_height="@dimen/width" layout_width="@dimen/width" id="@+id

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Applying Bottom Box Shadow leaves some unshadowed space on left and right bottom sides
Category : Web Design

I have the following markup.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<div id="wrapper">
<div id="container">
<div id="navigation">

With the following CSS

width: 100%;

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Element won't anchor to screen bottom when I change bottom property dynamically
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to write a javascript script that dynamically anchors elements to the bottom of the page when necessary. Here's a sample my code:

thebox.style.right = (window.innerWidth - topleft.Left - abs.Left - thebox.offsetWidth)+'px'
thebox.style.left = '
thebox.style.top = (topleft.Top - abs.Top)+'px'
thebox.style.bottom = '

This code is calle

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Aligning the bottom of an inline block with the bottom of text (excluding descenders)
Category : Web Design

How can I align the bottom of an inline block (call it 'IB') with the bottom of the text - excluding descenders like that on 'g' - in a parent element (call it 'PE')? This should be in a way which generalises whatever the size of the text - I don't want to hardcode size-specific pixel values.

Here is an example of the HTML I'd use, with the classes I'd need CSS for:


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How to develop winrt live tile with slide animation (alternately from top to bottom and bottom to top) using HTml5 and Javascript?
Category : Javascript

I want to create slider using HTML5 and javascript. Similar to windows 8 live tile, i got one link (http://aviathemes.com/aviaslider/?slider=direction-fade-slider) which shows the slider control. However it is not showing the slide effect.

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Place popup at bottom of screen (NOT at bottom of browser window)
Category : Web Design

my question is. How to alace a popup window at bottom of screen (NOT at bottom of browser window)?

Which property do I use for that?

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How to make footer stick to bottom of wrapper with bottom margin?
Category : Web Design

I´m trying to make a footer that sticks to the bottom of wrapper, but leaving a bottom margin so that the pattern image on the body background can be seen.
I came accross the sticky footer at


which worked great, but all my attempts of adding margin/paddings to footer/ wrapper/ body didn´t.


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CSS. Placing footer at bottom of the webpage (not in the bottom of screen) in ASP Pages
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have read a lot of approaches regarding placement of the footer in a webpage with CSS. Between others i found solutions, within SO too. The problem is (i think) that most of them, do not apply in asp pages.

So the question is how can i place the footer with pure CSS in Asp pages?

Before you post your answer, you have to take in mind the following.

I use a mast

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Best way to send all scripts to bottom of page, when having jQuery in bottom as well?
Category : Network & Servers

What's the best way to delay all JavaScript to after jQuery is loaded, when jQuery is placed in the bottom of the page? I already solved picking up all the jQuery instances and initiate them after jQuery has loaded, but I need to find a nice way to pick up all external references done with <script src="file.js"></script>.

In <head>:

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