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Java Hotspot compiler - boxing faster than non-boxing?
by Ken in Network & Servers

I'm seeing a weird effect in hotspot, and I wonder if anybody has experiencing the same thing before.

I'm computing the k nearest neighbors in a large data set, around 100k objects in 8 dimensions. I noticed a recent performance regression in my code, so I started trying to pin it down. Interestingly, the following seems to make the difference:

This version is ~25% slowe

How to Open an Amateur Boxing Club or Boxing Gym
by you2 in Sports & Fitness
Boxing is a very tough business to be successful at financially. Many boxers come from impoverished backgrounds and begin their training in low-budget gyms. The main source of income for amateur boxing clubs or gyms is membership fees, but many boxers can't afford to pay high fees. Gyms have many operating expenses regarding the building, insurance, staff, and equipment. Opening an amateur boxing

How to Run a Boxing Gym
by Zivic in Sports & Fitness
If you want to run a boxing gym, thinking that world champions are going to come in and jump rope and spar in your gym, you better think again. It takes years for a new gym to establish itself. Instead, if you love the sport of boxing and want to help amateurs get started the right way and you really don't need the gym to be your main source of income, you can get into the business and have a rewa
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How to Use a Boxing Bag
by facebook-opengraph in Sports & Fitness
Boxing is a sport that requires a great deal of timing, skill and coordination. By using a heavy bag for training, you will be able to develop your timing, skill, coordination and conditioning. If you want to compete in boxing, using a heavy bag is essential to your training. If you don't plan on boxing, adding heavy bag work to your training can help you lose fat, build endurance and relieve stre
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How to Win at Wii Boxing
by Juncar in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Wii Boxing is part of the Wii Sports game that comes with all new Nintendo Wii systems. Like the other games in Wii Sports, Wii Boxing relies solely on the Wii remotes: the Nunchuk and the Wii Remote. Wii boxing pits you against either a computer-controlled opponent, or another person--if you have another set of Wiimotes. Learning to win at Wii Boxing takes practice and skill with the basic boxing
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What Is Boxing Day and How Did It Gets Its Name?
by mikieb in Holidays & Celebrations
Boxing Day is a public holiday acknowledged throughout England, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. It falls on December 26 every year. However, when the holiday falls on the weekend, various countries recognize Boxing Day on the upcoming Monday. Historically the holiday has a charity appeal. It is not certain how and when Boxing Day got its name, but numerous theories explain the origin of Boxing
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How to Be the Best in Wii Boxing
by Ben Kohn in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Wii Boxing is a part of the Wii Sports game that comes when you purchase the Nintendo Wii video game console. Wii Sports specifically utilizes the wireless remote controls and sensor to simulate playing the actual sports. In the game, you can use your Wii remote and nunchuck to simulate the experience of boxing by punching and blocking. Becoming the best at Wii Boxing takes practice. The only way
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About Boxing
by ruby in Sports & Fitness
The hooks, the jabs, the bobs and weaves, knockouts in the first round and bloodbaths are what make many love the sport. Legends like Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson have given the sports its popularity and prestige. As the history of boxing builds on itself with such re-adaptations of the sport as mixed martial arts and Thai boxing, the historical significance of boxing must
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Boxing in the USA
by aShufflinZombie in Sports & Fitness
Boxing in America has developed into a mass-consumed form of entertainment that many people enjoy. Boxing is televised and matches are attended by fans. Although boxing didn't originate in America, movies like Rocky and Raging Bull have planted boxing firmly into the America consciousness. HistoryThe first American boxers were Africans in colonial America. According to Hickocksports.com, Bill R
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Rules for Boxing
by Mossy B in Sports & Fitness
Boxing as a competitive sport can be traced back to the 688 B.C. Olympic games. In 1866, the Marquess of Queensberry approved of sanctioned rules for the sport, bringing it into the modern era. Rules have evolved throughout boxing's history to encourage safety for the boxers and fairness in judging. RoundsFor professional bouts, rounds are 3 minutes long with 1-minute rest intervals. The number
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