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Is there any browser apps can copy webapp onto iPad and viewing them in an embedded browser like phonegap
Category : Web Design

I konw I can build webapp to Apple apps by using phonegap, but if I want use it on iPad, I must become Apple Developer($99 or $299/year). but I just want use it small-scale.

So I wonder if there is any browser apps can copy all webapp's file to iPad's document folder, and viewing them in an embedded browser like phonegap? I know I can add webapp to the Home Screen and interact with

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Cross Browser Font Width. Works in IE and Chrome, but not on my mobile browser (Galaxy S2)
Category : Web Design

Help! This box is exactly the same size as the length of the text at 100% zoom on IE and Chrome. But, when viewed on my mobile phone, the box overhangs the length of the text. Is it possible to fix this?

<style type="text/css">
font-family:Courier New, Courier, monospace;

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I installed the Sample Browser plugin on the android emulator. Now how I test whether the browser has detected it or not?
Category : Android

I used the SampleBrowser example found in the android source code. I made the SampleBrowser.apk and successfully installed it in the android emulator( running JellyBean). How do I test the functionality of said plugin on the browser.

My webView app code:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

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Determine MIME type of a file while opening in browser using c++ and browser helper object
Category : C & C++ & C#

when i click a link on browser which opens a file (. PDFs ,.doc,....) how to find the mime type of that file which is getting opened using browser helper object? i am new please help me
thanks in advance.

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Flex / Flash - How do I open the .swf in a browser window that doesn't have the browser control bar or menu?
Category : Programming Languages

The title essentially is the question, how do I open the .swf without the browser's control bar junk? and maximize the window?

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Problems with displaying modal popups in mobile browser and on resizing browser window
Category : Web Design

I have some problems with a modal popup dialog on a site that I'm building. This is the site: www.notforsale.magalidb.com

These links all have a modal popup behind them:

"Lisez la version en ligne"
"Read the online version"
"Contactez la redaction"
"Contacteer de redactie"
"Contact the redaction"

The problems:


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Execute Javascript function before browser reloads/closes browser/exits page?
Category : Javascript

Is there a way to execute a function before a user chooses to reload/close browser/exit page?

I need this for an "online/offline" status function i am trying to write. I want to detect whether the user is still on the page or not.

Any ideas? :)

Maybe there is a better approach to this?

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Differently styled HTML elements in browser's default css is the only factor for the different looks in different browser of website?
Category : Web Design

Differently styled HTML elements in all browser's default css is the only factor for the different looks in different browser of website? Which can be solved by reset css

Can we achieve same look with CSS only?

Is there any other factors related to cross browser compatibility?

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Blackberry Bold browser - h3 (clickable element) - browser inserts blue background
Category : Web Design

There is another posting on stackoverflow titled "Blackberry browser automatically inserts blue background". This is very similar to what I am seeing, but not exactly the same. I've tried to apply the fix "outline:none" to my element, but I am still seeing the blue background.

It appears that the blue background is being applied by default in the Blackberry Bold 9650 browser. Is the

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headless browser or browser control with ajax/javascript/proxy and multithread support?
Category : Programming Languages

I've looked around on lots of messages here but am yet to find one browser control or headless browser that allows me to multithread and configure proxies per thread as well as supporting ajax/javascripts.

I've tried to far:

awesomium - works pretty well if I made a separated application to spawn for each thread I need to run but not what I am looking for.

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