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BSOD when using BackgroundWorker
by Darren Torpey in Programming Languages

I posted a very similar question a few weeks ago, but I did not give enough details, and I was pulled away to other tasks and couldn't get to it. I hope to remedy that here.

I have a form with a button, a background worker and a progress bar. when i click the button, it invokes a backgroundworker task, which creates an object and calls a method on it that actually does the work. It

How to Create a BSOD
by XiandreX in Computers
BSOD is an acronym for "Blue Screen of Death," a common nickname for an error screen occasionally displayed by different versions of the Windows operating system. Although it may seem counterproductive to want to cause a BSOD to occur, Microsoft included this ability in Windows XP. Triggering a Windows crash on purpose can be useful as a way to test your Startup and Recovery settings.Difficulty:Mo
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Opening a JPG Causes BSOD
by Nate Childers in Computers
Short for "Blue Screen of Death," the BSOD or otherwise known as the "Windows stop message" appears whenever the computer encounters a problem and then fails to recover from it. If this error appears every time you open a JPG file, you need to determine the factors that are possibly causing the problem. JPG File ProblemOne particular JPG file may be causing the error to occur. Try rebooting the

How to Repair BSOD
by rbonestell in Computers
The Blue Screen of Death stop error has been plaguing Windows users since the first versions of Windows. The BSOD is caused by several problems with the computer, including corrupted system files and problems in the Windows registry. The error can result in loss of data, nonbooting or even complete system failure. Windows 7 has a number of tools including the Startup Repair utility that you can us
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How to Fix BSOD Errors
by Juice in Computers
BSOD errors are common on Windows platforms; the error has been around from the very beginnings of the Windows platform. The "Blue Screen Of Death" can occur for many reasons, some relating to device drivers, bad software, damaged system files in the windows system32 folder or problems with the Windows registry itself. Whatever the cause, it's never comforting to get BSOD errors. Fortunately, Wind
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What Causes USBPORT.sys BSOD?
by cynix in Computers
A USBPORT.sys error, which is sometimes followed by a Blue Screen of Death, can occur even on new computers and happens for several reasons. This error may be be a driver issue, a problem in the windows registry or even a failing hardware situation. To solve the issue, troubleshoot each possible cause and try the easiest and least expensive solution first. Update DriversThis error usually is ca

How to Fix the Windows XP BSOD
by cerebusPu in Computers
One of the scariest computer problems you can encounter when trying to boot up your computer is getting the "blue screen of death" (BSOD). This problem can occur for various reasons---from incompatible software, conflicts or problems with hardware, and virus or spyware infections. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain: it is not good. Fortunately, you have options available to correct t
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How to Prevent BSOD
by IeraseU in Computers
The BSOD, or "Blue Screen of Death" as it's known and feared by Windows users, is a form of "Stop" error. It indicates when the computer has become unstable or has encountered some critical error from which it can't recover. There are many reasons that you may encounter this error, ranging from hardware-based to software-based issues. The broad range of issues that can cause this error makes it ha
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How to Fix the Nv4_Disp.Dll Bsod Error
by TwiceOver in Computers
The Nv4_disp.dll is a dynamic link library file used in conjunction with the NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver. It is designed to be used with your display setup. If the file becomes corrupt, you may experience the "Blue Screen of Death" or "BSOD' error. You can fix this by disabling the file as long as it is not needed to run your computer's display.Difficulty:ModerateI
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my .net program is causing a BSOD
by Erwin in Programming Languages

I am getting a blue screen when my windows winform application is run.
It seems that only one user is getting this. I am not sure where at this time to look for the problem. I am however using some code that I found on CodeProject to trap mouse events and keyboard events http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cs/globalhook.aspx could this possibly be it?

I am looking for suggestions on


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