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How to make build definition in TFS Build 2010 configurable w.r.t input variable values and “items to build”
by SperglordActual in Programming Languages

We are using TFS Build 2010 for Builds. We have two branches of source code (Lets say branchA and branchB).

Now as a part of the build definition we set the projects to build:

Now to employ the same build definition from branchB will mean that I create another build definition file with same content, with only the items to build set to "$/branchB"

Is th

Enums for Build Flavor and Build Platform in Custom TFS 2010 Build Activities
by Davidpaul007 in Programming Languages

Are there enums available in the .NET framework that have values for build flavor (Debug, Release) and build platform (Any CPU, x86, x64 etc)? I haven't been able to find anything on MSDN or Google.

It seems unnecessarily cumbersome to create my own.

For context: I'm creating a custom TFS2010 workflow activity that requires flavor and platform info. Currently these are e

Localized images work only when build in Debug Mode from XCode, not when build on a remote build server in Enterprise mode
by Netopia in Mobile Programming

I am working on a project where I am supposed to show localized images, based on the language the device is set to. I have localized version of images with same name in lang.lproj respectively and have been checke into the repo and alos added to the XCode project.

- When I connect a provisioned device to the Xcode and run the APp in Debug Mode, I do see localized imag

For SBT (Simple Build Tool), how to do the same in Build.scala as in build.sbt
by nipplefish in Programming Languages

I am referring to the SBT (Simple Build Tool) for Scala.

Often I come across some instructions which tell me how to add a SBT tool to my build.sbt, but actually I have a Build.scala, not a build.sbt. So I want to know how to do the same in my Build.scala?

The particular case that is causing me trouble is Coffeescript SBT which has instructions for how to add it to a buil

Jenkins build promotion: How do I get the build id of the build I want to promote?
by Mossy B in Web Design

It seems that, when doing a build promotion in Jenkins using the Promoted Builds Plugin, it generates a new BUILD_ID environment variable. Is there a way, or a plugin that lets you access the current BUILD_ID of the build you are trying to promote?

Basically, the functionality I need is to: Navigate to a build in Jenkins, be able to launch an ant or gradle script to promote an alrea

Phonegap build - development environment - Using the WinPhone environment to build android apps with build service
by Martin Koch in Android

Say I'm a windows dev, familiar with Visual Studio and with a need of developing an Andriod app. I looked at both the andriod and wp7 getting started guides, but found the windows phone version http://phonegap.com/start/#wp guide much simpler than the Android version (of course, as a windows dev I have already everything installed).

Then comes my question:

Could I develo

Getting Build URi or Build number of the last build from MSBuild
by OutOfBrain in Programming Languages

I am trying to create a custom task for MSBuild so that it will send an email to the users that sais that a new version is up on the test server.

I go the email part done, what i would like to do is add the work items that are included in this build.
I tried the MSBuild extention (used to send the email) but the feature to get that info is not supporte don TFS 2005 wich is wha

Build other projects post-build action missing Trigger radio buttons
by Matthieu Bozec in Web Design

I'm running Jenkins version 1.466.12.1 (Jenkins Enterprise 12.11). With a new job I'm trying to add a post-build action to build other projects, but the expect radio buttons for trigger options isn't there.

I have jobs that were already created that have the following options:

Trigger only if build succeeds
Trigger even if the build is unstable
Trigger even if th

Is it possible to have PackageMaker build an installer without “packaging” the content at build time?
by flakekun in Development Tools & Services

I have content to be installed, but it's file and folder layout is determined by the brittle, old, Windows installer. I can't fundamentally alter the structure, and I'd prefer not to alter it at all. I can't put it in a PackageMaker package and somehow get the Windows installer to figure out how to read it, for example.

Is there a way to use PackageMaker without having to bundle up

NetBeans 6.9.1 build and ant targets give erronuous error messages even though build succeeds
by fayoh in Programming Languages

I have a NetBeans 6.9.1 project with libraries stored in the netbeans project directory option checked. I also have some ant build scripts mounted in my project.

Now when i run any ant target (including the simplest possible ones like clean), or when i build the project from the IDE, i get the following output at the end of the build process in the output window.

I don'


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