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Cannot execute IEDriver or ChromeDriver through TeamCity BuildAgent on Windows 7
by manivel in Development Tools & Services

My team is looking into using Selenium 2 for our UI testing. Our UI development is being done by an external vendor (a topic for another time) and using the RemoteDriver(server/client) would be require more maintenance than productivity on our end.

My test project is a simple maven project where I try to launch a new IE(v8 - 64bit)/Firefox/and Chrome browser and see if it will succe

Is there a way to Change the checkout directory in teamcity based on which buildAgent is running the build?
by Ben in Programming Languages

I have two build agents running for teamcity. One build agent runs on a server with a d drive on it and one runs on a server that does not have a D drive. I want the buildAgent on the server with the d drive to do an svn checkout to a specified file location on the d drive and the second build agent that runs on a server that does not have a d drive in it to do it to a specified file location o


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